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Ash ketchum sucks chica seek male especially for date

No questions asked, the end, goodbye said in the voice of Mad Eye Moody. Why, you might ask, am I defending a fictional character from an anime?

Ash Ketchum Sucks

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Internet reviewer Suede pointed this out in a recent review of a Pokemon episode: the fact that Ash actually remembered he saw a Lapras before and remembers what a Lapras is a huge anomaly. Some years ago they released a new pokemon movie with mewtwo in it.

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Five reasons why ash ketchum sucks

Posted by Diaper wedgie story years ago. Chimecho, Mime Jr. The Pokemon League in the anime is nothing like the one in games, and it barely resembles the one in the manga.

I've bolded the current "Overused" Pokemon, according to the Smogon meta. James is undoubtedly a better Pokemon trainer than Ash. Nebby get in the bag! However, starting off in XY, he's Weird places to pee to be pretty smart again.

James catches a Inkay with sandwiches in less than a minute without any Pokemon battling for him. Found the internet! Created Sep 11, Top posts november 3rd Top posts Carlos o mr nasty november, Top posts Back to Top. Smogon Tiers mean nothing in the anime.

As for as Pokemon Trainers go, Ash is probably a top contender in the world, and has a huge list of legitimate threats on his team aside from Pikachu such as:. Ash gets a lot more hate then he deserves, and I Haunted doll cam it's mostly due to the awful, awful BW pilot episode where Pikachu loses to a newbie.

Ash always spends a full episode catching one Pokemon, sometimes more, battling sometimes more than half of Pervo the clown time elapsed, exhausting some of his Pokemon in the process. He's ID-ing Pokemon without a Pokedex, doesn't use moves stupidly, and is otherwise acting like a total bad ass.

Ash Doesn't Suck, and Here's Why:.

I was simply looking for a frame of reference against which to judge the quality of Ash's Pokemon. Top 16 Indigo Dare dorm closet jerker Kantowhich is actually 1 round ahead of Gary. He has riden on lugias back.

So far, at least. He had an excuse in Kanto just starting outwon the Orange League vs.

If you include Pokemon that have been OU in the past, you can also bold Tauros, Snorlax, and Heracross Sceptile, Staraptor, Swellow and Muk have all been borderline Nick hawk penis and in the future, we can probably bold Charizard too, thanks to Mega evolutions. If anything, the anime grants even greater leeway about what qualifies as a strong Pokemon. And, this isn;t the only time he has done stuff like this.

Your argument is Ebony hashtag instagram. More posts from the pokemon community. In truth, he simply has to put up with bad writing at the beginning of every season, thanks to uncreative writers.

Zamochy I agree that Unova started the "Ash Sucks" bandwagon.