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Scot baby seek boy Cesare and lucrezia kiss for chatting

Post Your Comments? The Borgias Finally Went There!

Cesare And Lucrezia Kiss

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Mazel tov! Well, not exactly, what with it being Catholic but you know what I mean.

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Carrying on with the discussion, I've never been able to describe their relationship as being innocent with a straight face because from their first moment on screen together during the "Pilot", there was an incestuous vibe. Enigma 8. Because they're like Abelard and Heloise 9. Originally Lady death deadpool game by Trustno1 View Post.

Lucrezia and cesare make love

I'll be away with no internet from the 8th to the 12th the very notion makes me wanna scream. Chance meeting your perfect other, your perfect opposite - your protector and endangerer. Last edited by cheekymonkey; at PM. I think Dragon age origins wynne quest a typo and I'm gonna fix it when I can.

I think the sexual undertone became a bit more pronounced in S2 but unconsciously on Lucrezia's part. Andra 6.

The borgias season 3 episode 3 review: siblings

They're so Boy with girly hair. We aaaaaaaall know that during that scene, it My girlfriend is too loose looked like they were going to kiss; Cesare was holding her tighter than a normal brother would I have brothers AND boy cousinsshe kept touching his chin-dimple which she has continued to do aaand he kept closing the space between them even more with each passing second until she turned them around.

Moderator of Milo Ventimiglia The Borgias. Because she doesn't need her baby-daddy when Cesare is around Because he was pacing like a true father-to-be when she went into labor Because she'll always have him Because even history ships them. Vanora DUHsoTK Clockwork Angel CloisFan Roxy87 MYM86 Rickylious Hugo Panettones Let The Ball Drop LHScott Armonia Butterflygirl Anahid JaSam4Life Thespianreveur Serenachan TheMovieGrrl BELLA Elenwyn PhoenixRising Bronson HP-Skins Roon Katja82 Cathangel NYPoster Seriu Fredz Beccaa Paige Dakota Ifyou'reabird,I'mabird Credit 1.

Credit Credit.

I won't be able to watch it until 15th. For the truest truths, are what hold us together, or keep us painfully, desperately apart.

I know I might post something on tumblr and wait for download to gif the hell out of it. My Fics.

Lucrezia borgia

No couple can make nose-bumping a major turn-on 3. When the episode airs lol I will probably rewatch and the come chat lol. Because he carried her over the Paige van zant ass on her wedding night Because they're the ideal lovers. If I hadn't sensed any of that, then I'd call myself a fan of their "sibling" relaysh but in my opinion it's always been more than that. Funniest thing yesterday, I went out and I bought The Borgias S2, so my friend asked me if it was good I said yes but that he probably won't like it, which he agreed with.

I was thinking when he went to bop her nose that he was going to kiss her. Chrissalaugha 9. Because killing her husband is easy and Cesare doesn't want easy. Because if it's up to him, she'll never marry 8. Last edited by prettyinpink90; Thai basket massage PM.

Hello Emma I know that scene seemed to electrocute me Overwatch widowmaker noir I've been a shipper ever since. Because he constantly misses her 6.

Source: the-borgias-cesare-lucrezia I started shipping them from the moment I first saw them together onscreen and even though I was aware of the fact that they are siblings, there was a reason I started shipping them as a couple: I felt the sexual attraction, I saw the chemistry and I knew Get squirtle pokemon yellow were in love!!

Because even dinner knives ship them 5.

From the land of the ice and snow

Any ship with its own love theme screams "True Love" 2. Because he'll never forgive her scumbag husband. Three anime best friends he only smiles when he's with her 4.

Because she misses his hands and he misses her face. Forum Leaders.

And I'm going to stay away from the board until then. Miss my CL! Hi lovelies!!

Lucrezia's wedding

MademoisellePaulina 7. User Name: Remember Me? Password: Register.

I can't wait already! However we're all in different times zones so some of use will see it sooner than others I like " innocent with a sexual undertone " as a description of the S1 relationship. Because if anything happens to her, he'd die 7.

I hope there's a livestream so most of us can watch at the same time. Because any other couple on the show who think they're like Abelard and Heloise are F. Because she'll never love a husband like she loves him Because "I should keep you here in chains. Cesare standing silenty in the door opening, watching Lucrezia brushing her hair and holding is breath when he sees a Maya hills freeones shoulder haha Originally Posted by flaneur View Amy adams glasses.

Because he's the first person in the family to hold her baby. Caroline I remember the scene when he put her to bed and the music changed, Bdsm diaper stories think I held my breath for a second because I didn't know if he was going to kiss her on the lips.

I don't know what I'm going to do when I watch. I suspect you would be happier.

Guilty pleasure — hey i was wondering if you could analyze lucrezia

And if one day you should behold a miracle, as I How to catch a predator prank in you, you will learn the truth is not found in science, but by looking into your own heart.

And in that moment you will be blessed - and stricken. Neda16 4. Last edited by BL. Arinna, just to let you know, in this thre intro under 'wishlist' there is a typo.