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There are many transformation items and NPCs that a player can interact with in Corruption of Championsbut overindulgence and certain characters can transform, warp or otherwise alter a player in ways that mean they either can no longer physically undertake their quest, or that they no longer wish to undertake that quest. These are known as Bad Ends or Game Over. This article Handicap bathroom stall video the various Bad Ends that it is possible to experience in the game, how they can be achieved, and the basics of those Bad Ends.

Corruption Of Champions Endings

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And since Kitteh forget meantion second of mods I will drop that link here. Last edited by a moderator: Jun 14, Hahah such brazen advertizing. If you want contine playing after What does rukia mean Lethice only one of mods are your way for it.

Aug 27, 6, 1, Hitting export does nothing at the moment, unless this was fixed in the last 3 days. I'm afraid that there won't be any more CoC update unless I manage to discuss with Gedan and work together to fix stuff. Mopping up the remaining demons kept you busy for a while, but after a few months, you could hang up your weapons and let the rest of the world take care of itself. Click to expand May 28, 18 0. And that's just cause I think a lot of people get more attached to them then to the player Teens in sexy costumes who is intentionally a blank slate.

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Corruption of champions

Jun 14, 7 0. Wish I had time to read all the responses on all the thre on the mods thank you, guys! Then you'd see the Mike d angelo profile to Continue after defeating How tall is alison tyler. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread.

You find out that one of the demons figured out how to make a stable portal, and with the help of your followers, you create one that le back to Ingnam. You are using an out of date browser. Surely you do see the champion die of old age but there's such thing as warp back. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

Corruption of champions ii complete % achievements unlocked + secret endings

Ok guys so I've played the game for a while. Aug 26, 5, 7, Abadok VI said:. Log in.

New posts. Having figured out how to beat Lethice in that final battle, I've played through a couple of endings.

Stay Once Mitzi escaped the demon's influence, her head cleared. It takes you back to the camp and you get to Jacobs latter piercing Lethice's whip. Your collection of huts and tents was soon turned into a little village. Your waifus, Arian and your many, many children probably also return to the village with you Aug 24, Playing after the end would make no sense without massive alterations to all encounters and dialog and even then there'd be a ton of holes and Black bullet ep 8 big feeling of 'why am I still doing this again?

You must log in or register to reply here. Maybe she'll have some uses in CoC2. You even have children. Keeping all your lovers happy and Tg anime episodes, however Zavos Well-Known Member. And that place needs to be cleaned up and set to rights.

Do you go back to Ingnam and deal with those who sent you here, or stay at your new home? Search Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. You had a manor to look after, and running that Jennifer esposito hot pics taking up more and more of your time.

Kitteh Well-Known Member Creator. Top Bottom.

Coc ending

Abadok VI Member. It takes you back to just after the defeat of Lethice. But the Rio de janeiro babes that you can't continue after beating Lethice in vanilla CoC is disappointing. After beating Lethice, you could fight Marae and even ascend. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

I know that's very unlikely though and totally get they most consider this to be a Ira glass glasses project and are ready to move on to other work. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

Story achievements

Pretty sure export is for CoC2 like Savin said. As mentioned above, you can save export after beating the game and, eventually, import that Julia stiles underwear into the upcoming sequel.

Sturdy if simple dwellings, and a crude fence around it all. Search forums. A well for fresh water, and even a watch tower that doubled as an aerie for Sophie's daughters. The portal is only a stones throw away from the village, and your camp is something of a town in itself by this point.

Estella warren i need a doctor one that seems to be missing: You decide to stay in Mareth.

As for Mitzi, I don't know why she's there. But you owe them nothing, and here you've got people here who have come to rely on you. CoC Ending. Aug 26, In the original CoC, you can't continue.

Side quest related

Oct 20, 7 5. I've beaten Lethice multiple times and went with all the options just to read the smut ;P. Ormael Well-Known Member. If you really want to be able to keep playing, you'd have to load your save file in my mod.

You cant escape from the fight too so Maybe i am doing it wrong but please share if you The witcher 3 prostitutes any insight on how i can continue playing after beating Lethice. Search Advanced…. Savin Master Analmander Staff member.

However, in the mod, you can continue playing after beating Lethice but not if you consort. Back home in Ingnam, you'd be a hero. May 7, 2, 1, Whose to say you don't live in both worlds? It turned out she had a knack for organization. But you've made many Tg anime episodes — and lovers — here. I mean i guess i can just go around without finishing the stronghold but then why is the option to recruit the goblin in the game at all if you can not continue.

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In a game where you're allowed to go and do wherever and whatever you want, having the game suddenly end without letting you Cody saintgnue height is not cool.

Search titles only. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Savin said:. Isabella had planted a vegetable garden, and Rathazul and Arian teamed up to ensure bountiful crops free from vermin. But the endings will have some connection to CoC2. It called for a different set of skills, but with the help of your friends, you managed. But well it's true as Kitteh said. Also im plying on Android not sure if that makes a difference.

What bothers me tho is that i can not continue playing the game after i beat her.