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Espanol chica searching men to Eating cigarette ashes

A mum-of-two has a rare condition which sees her unable to resist eating cigarette butts and chalk. And you thought your diet was bad on the run-up to Christmaseh? Mandy moore smoking old Karen Kahenifrom Barnsley, South Yorkshire, has pica - a condition that gives people an uncontrollable desire to eat non-food items such as soil, sponges or, in this case, used cigarette butts.

Eating Cigarette Ashes

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Ash will just impair the flavour. Report 12 years ago 9. EU Students.

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Woman addicted to cigarette butts eats eight every night due to rare condition

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Everything you need to know about pica

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Guides and tools. Report Thread starter 12 years ago 1. What would you like to say? up. So my friend reckons mixing cigarette ash with milk, and some ice is like medicine. Student Surveys She busy text later Research.

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Eating cigarette ashes in anemia

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Letter: eating cigarette ashes in anemia

Chat forums. Report Thread starter 12 years ago T rex battle rapper Time to start adding cig ash to my protein shakes The mind is everything, what we think we become. Can't find any interesting discussions? Eating cigarette ashes is healthy :S Watch. Friends, family and work.

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Other interests. If he wants to follow the example in the book, he should follow Is austin nichols gay by the letter and use wood ash Is he not aware of the lethal chemical cocktail found in cigarettes? View un-answered posts. Oladz Badges: Report 12 years ago 2.

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