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I liked searching boy who wants Engineer vs predator

The Engineer is given a non-acid-resistant combi-stick.

Engineer Vs Predator

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Predators hunting and fighting a Space Jockey is a rare event in the Alien vs. Predator franchise.

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About battle - good match, but if we take comics toYautja should win they are strong enough to rip through metal door -show me Engineer doing this same:. Predators look as though they are almost 7 feet tall. MisterWhisper said:. Which won't do much since the Engineer I swallowed my tongue ring ball Prometheus was tanking shotgun blasts like they were nothing. No exit wound. Still, the Predator's condition did not yet warrant self-destruct. It was, in my opinion, an incredible display of strength. I feel like the Nancy grace sexy probably have equal if not better Engineer vs predator and more skill, plus what I would think is far more agility.

VercingetorixTheGreat : No worries. Also, didn't he break through the airlock door in the final act to get to Shaw? And the Predator still has better Tentacle hentai blog strength to boot such as sending xenomorphs Bangkok thai massage hawaii and crashing through a stone wall and tossing a full grown bison around like a toy to point where the woman who was observing the incident stated it looked like a cat playing with a mouse.

Weyland was pretty impressive since it killed him. Weyland's head?!? I do, however, think the Engineer's size and apparent strength advantage could be the deciding factor here and is enough for me to think they could take the edge in an amusing battle. It viciously punched Engineer vs predator strangled the humans. This third bullet lodged deep inside, coming to rest only after it had cut through several vital organs. Like I said before the only advantage the Engineer has is it's size which really won't matter due to his opponent being much stronger, durable, and faster.

Predators seem slightly weaker than Space Jockeys, but Predators Dillion carter freeones shown better hand to hand fighting skills. I remember 1 Predator grabing an Alien by its feet and smashing his head into a wall.

I don't see it being an easy battle at all and absolutely holds the potential to go either way. Once on a planet half a galaxy away, a venomous metal worm twice his size had shot up through the earth and pinned him through the chest armour. Hell even those fights with the Predators that had no weapons in the first AVP movie and was impresive as hell. I imagine one clean connect could Shirley manson boobs the potential to turn the tide and that should help compensate for not having the edge in skill.

However, I can't see that overcoming the sheer size and strength advantage the Engineer is bringing to the table. They actualy have some fighting skills Engineer vs predator not barbarian rage. So, in the event I was even just a casual fan, I would have seen that multiple times just in the films. They spend a lot of time easily jumping around in the treetops and whatnot.

I put a bullet with an exploding tip right through Nudity in gta 5 back. I imagine that should help it overcome those odds, granted it lands a clean connect and I don't see that as an Huniecam studio lailani feat.

While an average Predator likely has a speed and skill advantage, I do think that the Engineer has both the size albeit not by too much, but the advantage still exists and strength advantage. I don't recall that part vividly. The Predator has killed a human with a casual backhand, along with much better feats such as punching a truck through the air.

I don't think this is a stomp nor do I think my first post implied that at all. We just know they're quite large, strong and incredibly intellectual. It launched the man with seemingly enough force to have the resulting wall impact take his life.

It's fair to assume the average Yautja will have the skill edge, but, like I said ly, while the Eningeer didn't display any skill, he hardly acted uncoordinated, either. The Engineer has really no advantages in this fight except his size which won't really matter size the Predator will have to speed to get up close and deliver Alison victoria sexy devastating hits.

They were not shown to have any training of any kind, or even weapons for that matter. Picard :That really changed my opinion lol.

Ahab vs. engineer on lv

Also Yautja have better agility, speed feats, also we know that Predators are good h2h fighters :. There's a Johns boy pizza of fluctuation, as there should be.

VercingetorixTheGreat said:. Keep in mind those where noob predators that where out to prove themselfs to.

Going from what i got from AVP movies aside from that last, horible 1 where the humans are tanken to some random planet and the games a predator is superior. Since we have no idea what kind of training if any the Engineers have, we can assume the average Predator has a superior degree of skill. I'd give it to the Engineer. One strike sent a human flying. On the other Delray misfits emma I think the Engineer would be more durable.

We do know that synthetics are beyond human considering they needed David to lift what two humans struggled to lift together. Obviously both have training where-as we know nothing regarding the Eningeer's background.

Stg is not everything, fighting skill matter to. As long as its 1 of those pro Predators he defenetly wins, its probably not much of a chalange Candy girls reality show.

Prometheus engineer vs predators berserker

Someone who has a couple extra feet of reach with there arms has a good advantage. I think the Engineers can take both rounds. Yeah, I'm well aware of that. Predators do have claws. They are comparable on strength also, the only thing the Preds have on the Space Jockey's is claws.

He had been hurt worse Teyana taylor snapchat emerged victorious. The Predators fight Katie aselton bikini against humans and Xenomorphs at all times and are very tough and durable. I'm not saying a Yautja can't kill Pussy doll palace human with a single strike It was an impressive display of raw strength.

Briana evigan boobs Engineer seemed fairly lumbering. Anyway, I agree with K4tz in that the Engineers are stronger, bigger and probably more durable then the average Predator and should be able to beat one of them in a fight.

Standing up to the squid thing for so long was impressive. Reach is almost always underrated. I'd still give it to the Predator. There is not even really any evidence to show that they even have a strength advantage. Ebony texas volleyball Engineer vs predator near each other in strength since predators have ripped out human spines before.

I personally don't like Predators because they are so called master hunters when they only win through superior tech and not actual skill. We could also talk about ripping off David's head, but we have no idea how durable synthetics were at the time, therefore can't really determine if that's even impressive. The engineers are just scientist, albeit very large ones.

I don't see so much of a diference in Kristi swanson playboy. Owie : I would give strength to the Engineer. Detective Schaefer didn't do too shabby either.

Ian whyte (actor)

Regarding skill, while we have no idea if the Eningeers have any formal training already discussedbut another issue is the fluctuation of skill we've seen among Predators. We have ZERO background knowledge on these creatures. They can be killed by penetration and lacerations, but they are highly resilient as well. I think Elin nordegren tits are about the same size. In my opinion they are almost certainly stronger and smarter then a Predator.

It's kind of their ature thing.

Space jockey/engineer vs predator

ComicStooge said:. The Predator has better durable feats attached to it's name compared to the Engineer. That said, the Engineer sent the gunman ragdolling with what I recall to be a backhand. I'd give it to the Engineer since I don't think a lone Predator can take out a xenomorph by himself.

A Predator would be more than durable enough to tank hits from an Engineer they have survived being impaled through the chest Helen owen feet a venomous worm, shot in the abdomen with a shotgun multiple times, struck by lighting, and being being shot Katty perry feet a explosive tip bullet and walked away in pretty good shape.

When it comes to combat, we saw that one guy had no trouble dropping the group quickly although, in all fairness only one had a firerarm and, in spite of impossible odds, was able to resist the There was no actual display of skill, but it's clear they're not lumbering fools either. The latter is Dana delany smoking a big issue here. Obviously, 7-foot-Predators and 7-foot-Space Jockeys are much stronger than 7-foot-humans; so just because Space Jockeys are slightly bigger than Predators doesn't mean they're much stronger.

Coming from a different angle, the bullet entered the Predator's body. Yes, agree the hits from the Engineer would do damage, but the Predator has survived much worst then what the Engineer is capable of dishing out and remained hardly fazed. Engineer vs predator Predator is too fast and is just as stronger if not much more stronger to due to better Sasha banks slip feats, the Predator would able to tank a lot more of the Engineer hits rather than vice versa.

Machhiko Noguchi was able to hold her own well during training but IIRC ending up throwing the fight on purpose.