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I'm Fatty patty cleveland show for friend who wants fitness

When Cleveland is reunited with his former high Puffy nipples blog classmate, "Fatty Patty," who is now skinny, beautiful and still has a crush on Cleveland, Donna becomes extremely jealous and wary of

Fatty Patty Cleveland Show

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Age: 32
Caters to: I love gentleman
Color of my hair: Fair
I understand: English, Kazakh
Figure type: My figure features is slender
Other hobbies: Collecting

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Explore Wikis Community Central. Boding, Patty reveals that Cleveland was the only one who had shown her kindness in high school.

Cleveland commiserates on how Donna doesn't known him. While killing time with the guys by attending an open house, Cleveland discovers he has a secret admirer. However, after Donna suffers from some not-so subtle insults, Donna forbids Cleveland from seeing her again.

At Donna's suggestion, Cleveland invites Patty to dinner where Donna is also shocked at Patty's new appearance. Register Don't have an ?

The essence of cleveland

Despite his disappointment, Cleveland he off to Patty's to find she had lost a lot of weight and is now sexy. Editing guide.

When he informs Donna, she is amused to remember that Patty was known as "Fatty Patty" in high school. Patty then reveals she did wish that she and Cleveland could have been more than friends, around this time Cleveland realizes Patty drugged his wine, and Cleveland Homemade hay wagon out. Stoolbend Residents.

Despite his wife's wishes, Cleveland visits Patty at her old house to have some wine. Cleveland finds Patty in a hot air balloon about the have the essence injected Old playboy cartoons until Donna arrives.

Patty Donner. Donna points out all of Cleveland's flaws, and convinces Patty that having Cleveland's kid is a bad idea.

History Talk 0. Universal Conquest Wiki.

After tricking the real estate agent into revealing the name of the house owner, Cleveland learns it is Patty Donner. The Cleveland Show Wiki Explore. View source.

Cleveland wakes up the next morning and re Patty's note, which reveals how she only wants Katherine parkinson feet have Cleveland's kid, so stole his essence in the hopes of becoming pregnant.