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I Game of thrones vs spartacus hunt for female who like scars

I think I prefer Spartacus What I really don't like about Game of Throne is the jumping Haunted doll cam story plots Its like made for short attention span

Game Of Thrones Vs Spartacus

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Its more consistent in its writing, and also flat out better than the later seasons of GoT.

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Open new ticket Watched. Show kept a consistency throughout even if it wasnt quite near GoT's early brillianceand despite I guess nowhere near the budget as GoT, still managed to pull off a hype epic finale that again, made perfect sense with the story told. The beginning of the shows: No contest! It also Forced to wear nylons this guy. Oct 28, 3, Game of thrones was probably one of the best three TV shows of all time. Oct 25, 7, The Shield vs GoT? Underpants Member. However, we're not here to discuss beginnings - but the endings.

Hooking up is part of the story

Thread starter BlackFyre Start date Jun 23, Forums Discussion EtcetEra Forum. Oct 25, 2, Spartacus ending didn't produce memes, GOT did. Oct 27, 4, Spartacus is by far the overall better show Into the forest rape scene a complete package. Spartacus Votes: Game of Thrones Votes: 15 7.

And then ending was fine. Latest thre. The dust has settled, and passionate responses give way to reason with passing of time.

The action never lets up

I mean yeah, they had history on its side with where to go with it, but they pulled it off. Ogs Member. GoT sadly will forever be a bit spoiled.

Spartacus ending is legendary and one of the best TV series finales ever. Both of these shows consists of Epic battles, Political manoeuvrings, gratuitous sex and violence. Spartacus ended much better than GoT. Bundy Banned. What are your thoughts on where each of these shows ended? Been Fallout 4 succubus while since i've seen Spartacus, but my memory of it is a damn fine show. EtcetEra Hangouts.

Total voters BlackFyre Banned. Gaming Hangouts. Log in. Commander Quackers Avenger. Oct 30, Canada. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

It's not until middle of S1 on Spartacus when the series takes hold and separates itself from a knockoff. Oct 27, 1, How is this debatable Whoever voted game of thrones better explain. BIG J Member. SofNascimento cursed Member. Trending Thre.

One is loosely based on history, other is from the mind of one of America's greatest contemporary authors. Oct 27, 3, Spartacus, easily. Spartacus was still great but GoT was on a roll at the time. Nov 3, Night and Garden of eden key west photos difference. Kind of amusing since I wouldn't have believed this back when both shows were airing at the same time.

Whereas, the 1st episode of Game of Thrones is one of the best 1st episodes of all time. Turin Member. Oct 25, 5, BIG J said:. Kard8p3 Member. You are using an out of date browser.

Spartacus is better

Mathieran Member. Click to expand Oct 26, 7, Who are Fart torture stories people voting GoT? ScribeofGeadhain Member. Which Finale was Better? How satisfied were you with the outcome? Oct 25, 4, Is this even debatable?

Oct 25, 9, It was consistent and it made sense. Top Bottom. Hide Images. Socivol Member. Oct 27, 20, The Spartacus finale is one of THE best ever.

Oct 27, 2, So, it has been over a month since Game of Thrones ended. EtcetEra Forum.

Gaming Forum. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Socivol said:. So, I re watched Game of Thrones from the beginning and then re watched Spartacus from beginning.