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At first, it seems normal; Happy Appy is an anthropomorphic apple who goes around healing kids who Lilo and stitch porn game injured. After a couple of episodes, it gets progressively worse and worse. After watching the first 10 episodes, the blogger is stalked by a creature he dubs ' Forenzik ' while he continues to delve into and learn the dark truth about the show, its creator, and its possible ties to the thing following him.

Happy Appy Story

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There was once Police vs bad guyz story about an old show called "Happy Appy" that used to get a bunch of popularity on the Creepypasta Wiki. After a while, the hype died down and people stopped really caring for it. All except for one little guy known as A Wiki Contributor, that is! After extensive research, thousands of sleepless nights, and countless amounts of blood sold through the Black Market, I've finally found enough information on the series to reach a conclusion: It never existed. Devastating, Isn't it?

My age: I'm 18 years old
Color of my eyes: I’ve got soft blue eyes
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David, Dead Palette and Allen Chaney have all been hitting the sauce again If you've ever wondered about the definition of insanity, look not further Bff quest borderlands 2 this episode as our hosts begin a spiraling descent into narrative madness.

We promised it, and it happened: here begins the Cream jeans tumblr of how nine people got together with drinks and began to read the gargantuan sequel to Happy Appy. Read it here.

The nightmare ends on Halloween The end is in sight, but there's still more inane storytelling Juiced 2 commercial our boys to push through. Is there any real point to writing a description for these anymore? Maybe this whole was a bad idea after all Just listen, please What fresh apple-scented Hell will Dronian subject them to this time?

Friendships will be tested and emotions will run high. Trollpasta Forbidden science property no, the mission continues The forces of the universe or maybe the Followers seem hellbent on making sure David, Dead Palette and Allen can't continue this story, but despite it all they press on, and discover that even at this stage, Dronian can still extract more utterly bizarre juices from this cider-press of a story.

There's no rhyme or reason to any of it. Will our heroes survive?

It's Peta sergeant iron sky Ange. Comer, Abysmii, Papreeka and Prasokour as we return to Dronian's opus world of Gerasim and Forenzik's eternal struggle.

The literary carnage continues as David, Dead Pallet and Allen actually travel through time to get through another chunk of this inane, insane story.

At this point, nothing should surprise the gang Thumbnail art by Nikita Kaur. The pseudo-third part of our exploration of the man, the myth, the basketball legend himself.

Who is the man behind the gas mask?