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Erotica Hyuna and hyunseung dating pick men to massage

Hyunseung and junhyung were close before trouble maker.

Hyuna And Hyunseung Dating

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Consisting of Hyunseung and Hyuna, the duo became one of the most popular Korean artists by giving us a sexy yet unique concept that is quite different from other Korean idols. After successfully winning many awards for their performances and songs, unfortunately, this duo ed under CUBE Entertainment, had to deal with the disbandment Taurus and cheating the middle of due to the internal problem of the agency. Even though Hyuna ly had released two singles, CUBE Entertainment described the duo as something different from their respective groups. On November 25th, Trouble Maker started revealing their teaser photos for the album with a private-party concept. The duo also had their first performance at the Mnet Asian Music Awards as the teaser, which included an on-stage kiss that made the audience go wild as this type of thing was very controversial back then.

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They both have the same feel. Like 4minute was doing pretty well, and I was surprised and sad that they disbanded in There's lots of speculation that Hyuna and the rest are not on good terms. The only thing She busy text later and Edawn have in common is an image they use for marketing which has very little to do with them and way more with concept Cube is trying to sell.

Hyuna even said she confessed to E'dawn. He had an attitude problem and lacked interest during Beast activities.

One of my friends asks why CUBE would even allow a whole ass Hyuna and E'Dawn who is in a relationship into a group in the first place? They are all about keeping a popular idol or idols to generate money.

It HAD to be due to them breaking up or maybe their relationship was going to be exposed. I think its their facial features. More posts from the kpopthoughts community.

Sort by: best. Hyunseung and E'dawn are both similar she clearly has a type. I wouldn't be surprised if they dated but split on bad terms tbh.

The iconic duo troublemaker ended due to hyuna and hyunseung breaking up.

That was still time to have a Troublemaker comeback Work issues ruin relationships all the time. OK, don't beat my ass hear me out real quick.

Created Oct 23, Top posts april 24th Top posts of april, Top posts Back Hairy chested models Top. Does he not? I even noticed one of the Pentagon's guys these days is made to be a more subtle rendition of it don't know the name, don't ask me, but he has or had the blond quirky type thing going on for a while, and seems to be their current center.

My opinion is this is fanfic. I assume Edawn wasn't always Hyunseung 2.

Troublemaker’s hyuna and hyunseung dating?

It is possible that they broke up and tensions were high and they wanted out and CUBE granted it. Be sure to look over our rules and guidelines before ing the discussions. Beast was also really successful, but Hyunseung left.

Posted by 1 year ago. What's your opinion in all of this?

I mean why else would CUBE stop the popular duo? Neither of them were kicked out of the company either, so why?

Why else would a company and its members stop a group that was generating some schmoney?