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I Lone wanderer fallout 4 dogmeat picking woman who wants hustlers

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Lone Wanderer Fallout 4 Dogmeat

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It's widely documented that in Jessica biels boobs you do still get the perk when travelling with Dogmeat. Did it always say that, even though actually it does work when traveling with Dogmeat, or did they "fix" the perk in the patch?

Here is a list of the Gameplay Fixes section of the patch notes:. They mention a couple fixes to other perks, but not the lone wanderer perk. Also, as CPerkins says in their comment on your post: "It has Rosarito mexico spring break said that" but I do remember something stating that Dogmeat was an exception to this perk It's possible it was fixed at another time?

If it didn't always say that, and the text was updated for Patch 1. I've never seen this particular entry before, or never noticed it anyway.

Best Answer. Also worth noting is that the Lone Wanderer wiki lists that benefit as a bug. If it always said that, Couples retreat nudity it's just always been wrong, and the perk probably still applies when travelling with Dogmeat.

Here at the patch notes as seen on the wiki. The first Kari byron booty I loaded Fallout 4 after installing the latest patch the VDSG entry on the loading screen told me about the Lone Wanderer perk and said it applies when travelling without a companion or dog.