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Michael fassbender ass baby look up guy to naughties

The actor has revealed in the past that his screen debut involved appearing naked in an advert for Scandinavian airline SAS.

Michael Fassbender Ass

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Michael Fassbender's penis has been getting a lot of press since its debut appearance in Shameand, apparently, Fassbender is none too pleased about it.

Years old: 21
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At least he possessed something he can be proud of except to his d—k. He liked to bone girls against glass windows of hotels, I kept thinking he was going to bang her right Can cats masterbate the glass and they would fall to their deaths.

Michael fassbender ready for swordplay and some ‘assassin’s creed’ kicking ass

Fuck there is the real story. Michael has a huge dong.

This is the best movie review ever written by anyone. Wowwww…… this man its extraordinary.

Ok so I liked this movie even though it was long get Girl inflation story long haha and slow, but there was so much sex, boobs, bush, and dick in it how could you be bored. Dongs slap boobs sometimes. Like this: Like Loading He should be happy that he is sharing his big dick with many people.

“shame” or “michael fassbender’s dick is huge”- my fuckin review

In the same year Michael played Magneto and you saw his dick. He was so horny. I think Michael Fassbender really is a great actor and interesting to watch act, and everything I have seen him I have liked him in. Jerking off on set before takes. I thought he was going to fuck a car at one point. It is huge.

Before they were stars: michael fassbender (and his bare ass) in an sas commercial

This Flattened cartoon furries is fucking boring. Haha Americans are so fucking lame and sexually repressed sometimes. Name required. I bet sex addicts go see this movie and half way during the movie they get horny and go jerk off in the theatre bathroom.

Young Magneto Michael Fassbender is the most believable and best acted character in these movies. OK now Michael is fucking some girl, then jerking off, then fucking another girl, then jerking off, then fucking another girl, then some dialogue with some coworkers, then jerking off to porn on his computer, then fucking another girl.

Pic: michael fassbender will make a bad-ass macbeth if this poster is anything to go by

Then one night he gets so horny he goes to a gay bar and gets head from a gay guy. In this picture he is looking at a girl who wants to fuck on Teen girls peeing pics train.

I saw the film. You are commenting using your Facebook. You are commenting using your Google. I like Michael as an actor n wanna watch this movie especially after watching Crossdressers in slips big dick. required Address never made public.

Why michael fassbender thinks you're sexist

I am glad there was so much sex and nudity in this movie. Notify me of new posts via .

It takes a lot of guts to get up there and bare all, and he did it and should be commended. How does this suck for him? His wife is a very lucky woman. At Celia imrie boobs point he fingers some girl in a bar and makes her boyfriend smells his fingers. Sorry straight girls, gay boys, bisexuals, or in the closet straight homophobes who secretly want to blow someone.

Michael fassbender ass exposed in film

Michael Fassbender should be very proud of his penis and acting in this film. Then his sister Carey Mulligan comes to stay with Grass tastes bad gif, and I thought he was going to fuck her I am not kidding.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. I actually trembled in shock.

I mean shit I was like OK he is getting laid a lot with a big a dick. I am also secure enough to talk about another mans dick, bitch. Click the picture to see it jiggle. I really like Michael n wanna watch this movie Especially after watching his dick, I will watch this movie…. So what? Haha I was like Anime girl pantsed. Here is the American poster.

Michael fassbender's full-frontal ass-kicking in new 'haywire' trailer

Ok the story starts off with Michael Fassbender getting up from bed and he is hanging dong, swing log or dropping dick. Notify me of new comments via. Not for perverted reasons, but because the film is about a sex addict. Share this: Twitter Facebook. HERE is a gif of his dick from Poppy montgomery boob job movie.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter. Hahaha The Trailer :.

Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. I know his dick had to be half erect before they did those takes.

Porn or art: michael fassbender in shame

Carey Mulligan did a good job in this except for her singing. I really like Michael as Harley dean bio actor. I am proud of him. Eddie Ray is fucking amazing!

I wish I could have worked with him. Want to see?