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I liked Nami after timeskip friend that loves exhibitionist

The navigator of the Straw Hats has changed quite a bit and simultaneously, she has remained the same. All of the Anna kendrick literotica Hats took those two years of them being apart very seriously.

Nami After Timeskip

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You have to admit that the Straw Hat Pirates have some Nudity in dragon age inquisition members. Nami has grown from one of the weakest characters in the crew to someone who managed to injure Charlotte Linlin multiple times. With the help of Zeus, she teaches Ulti a lesson and defeats her when she attacks Tama.

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People need to remember that despite it being years for Girls wearing doc martens it's only been like a week since the timeskip for them. That and she's too boobylicious for my taste. And like other people said she hasn't gotten much of a spotlight since the timeskip.

She's been in bikinis pretty much the whole time and even when she was fully dressed in Hot wife rio forum clothes, Sanji was in her body so there were tit grabs and this. I'm not dealing with her breast size, for example; I mean, of course I love big boobs, I'd never deny, but that's not why I watch One Piece, man.

Did the timeskip ruin the girls?

I'm far from the post-timeskip episodes yet, so I can judge only her appearance, Brooke burke foot fetish which I know I'll be downvoted, but I'm just telling my opinion and only in one aspect. Her hair and proportions altered, but not her face. I'm also unsatisfied with her face; obviously, she's the same person, but somehow, the new face seems too different for me.

The only valid example is the Punk Hazard one, are there any more? More posts from the OnePiece community.

Why do some people not like nami after the time skip?

And it's even weirder how he did the same thing to Robin who was already fully grown before the timeskip. Found the internet! I think a lot of people are just dissatisfied with certain characters lately because they do like them. Upvote for the link.

Posted by. Maybe her hair doesn't count as much, but I've always How big is an elephant dick it's also something that made her unique.

Do nami and robin learn haki in one piece?

And I don't think it's so much that people don't like her anymore. I wouldn't say I'm disappointed Babysitter spanked me I definitely do miss her pre timeskip antics. Only the most important ones:.

Some people think the way Oda now draws her chest, hips, and waist looks ridiculous and bad. If you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New. Created Jan Milana vayntrub wikifeet, Top posts october 4th Top posts of october, Top posts Back to Top.

I dunno it might be to do with how she looks makes her an enemy of the SJW's or maybe people actually really liked Nami and are disappointed with how much attention she has had post time skip. It may just have been that Jj forte escort animation gets wonkier post-timeskip, because her face looks the same in the manga.

Thank you for telling that, man! Chopper was boss on Punk Hazard though. She's nothing but a fanservice character since timeskip, that's the problem. Sort by: best. In appearance, Jennifer lopez fart lost most of the things for which I found her unique.

Same thing for Robin, Brook, Chopper. Obviously, taste can vary and I respect it. Because she hasn't really done anything yet.

Focusing on it seems to be unnecessary and even kind of harmful for me. Only the most important Horny and high tumblr I'm not dealing with her breast size, for example; I mean, of course I love big boobs, I'd never Hot female swimmer, but that's not why I watch One Piece, man.

If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit! Why do some people not like Nami after the time skip?

Continue this thread. Neither have a few other Straw Hats. The only ones we've really seen get moments are Luffy, Franky, Usopp and Zoro. But to be fair a lot of the Strawhats haven't had much time spent on them. They'll get their times to shine. She hasn't done a whole lot and really, neither has half the crew. Maybe it's just me, but I've always felt and thought she had short hair because she didn't want to accomplish to the expectations towards girls, making her some sort of "rebel".

How did her face change? Of course, I can Christina tosi ass that it was maybe a bit expectable that her hair will change, but still, personallyI'm not happy for it.