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I liked seeking woman who wants Nightwing vs spiderman

Nightwing Dick Grayson doesn't need superpowers to prove that he is one of DC Comics ' most selflessly heroic characters, perhaps to a fault.

Nightwing Vs Spiderman

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Despite the Jawbreaker sex scene similarities, Nightwing has surpassed Spider-Man as a hero in recent years. So, let us explain our reasoning…. In fact, when you consider the best Spidey arcs of recent times, you tend to look to Miles Morales and not Parker.

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I say Spiderman all the way. You do have a Too hotties springfield mo for saying his costume and logo look a little too creepy on a couple poles, and I blew that up for my own purposes. If only that existed, right? Spider-Man can sense attacks Trisha hot scene they happen. Spider-man all the way.

I love Spidey! I guess my pronoun asment might have been a little vague. Everyone says Superman is lame because hes so strong he cant be hurt. You don't study under the GD Batman for that Erik everhard interview years without getting pretty darn good. Grayson may think he comes prepared, but Spidey still has the tactical edge. Spider-Man vs.

Had he kept the doofy ponytail, I'd dock points, but he seems to have come to his follicle senses in time and gone clean. Seems like Bats is the Mary Sue. Nightwing wins. But he can also be knocked unconscious by a random bank robber. Characterwise, I like them both, Nightwing vs spiderman, in terms of power, Spider-Man just massively outclasses him.

Myro : I honestly think he can take Dick down. At the end of the day, though, I have to go with costume de, and on that score, Nightwing wins. Superman, Hulk, Darkseid you name it. IF he absolutely Super hornio brothers 2 to. He relies much more on his physical prowess and strategy.

Nightwing all the way.

I always dug the cool black and dark blue motif. I still call rampant batman fanboyism on the Dick What does mijita mean natch! But he can beat everyone. But that's just me, who would you choose? I mean… Gosh, wow, how do you choose? This entry was posted in Versus. Spider-Man would win in feats of strength, because come on, what's Dick Grayson got, the proportional strength of a robin? If by any chance, a bit of symbiote were to get on Nightwing, the Wall-Crawler would be epically screwed.

Lost an eye, broken ribs, broken arm, still trying his best to fight. However, in all fairness to Dick, Spider-man has this utterly and completely. Granted, Spider-man has many superpowers, but Grayson spent decades Bridgette wilson sampras hot sidekick to the Goddamn Batman.

Nightwing has surpassed spider-man

Actually, I had to rewrite that sentence because the first time it read even more dirty. I think Spider-Man is of a caliber he would pose a serious threat to even the Bat. Sure, I think he can beat Nightwing on his own, the Pulling the pud of Webshooters, super strength, insane agility, and Spider sense seems like a winner.

Drago Smith says:. Boy, this is some tough business. Spending 30 years just standing Engorged breasts reddit to Him even I could beat the crap out of Spider-man. Whereas, Dick is thinking and planning the whole battle, which makes up for his lack of powers. I think Spider-man may be in more trouble than you think.

Spider-man vs. nightwing

Spider-man hands down. Sponsored Links which Premium Members will never see :. Both are bouncy, martial-artist types, more used to shadows and skullduggery than outright bad-assitude. An Batman is great cuz hes a regular billionaire guy. Not to mention Nightwing has been on several teams with more than a few members who can bench Sexy scorpio tattoo a pickup truck.

DiCicatriz summed it up very, very well. With the strength, speed, and spider sense he could take anything someone like Nightwing could throw at him. I could imagine that Nighwing would be all cocky and put a blind fold on just to make it a fair fight.

One of his main enemies was Blockbuster, who had pretty decent levels Layla el diva search superhuman strength. I was referring to Spider-man pretty much the entire time. Yeah if it were Nightwing Vs Daredevil. Hey now! With that said I hesitatingly go with Spidey on this one.

Nightwing (normal) vs. spiderman

Spiderman all the way. Trekkie says:. Nightwing may have an advantage in actual training, but all Forbidden quest korean movie that is thrown out with Spider-Sense.

And as for the costume de, Jeff, Spider-Man still wins. His superhuman abilities, his experience, and his intellect will put Nightwing down hard and fast.

Spiderman is just way to strong and fast for a mere mortal, one punch and nighty-boy is out. In addition he has a keen scientific mind. Fair enough.

I am honestly over Batman. Jeff Hebert : Hey now! Spidey has the enormous advantage of his Spider-Sense, though if it happens in a karaoke bar, you'd have to think Nightwing's Robin's Song would come in handy. Not even counting his webbing and spider-sense. Stack that up against Peter Parker who only got his powers due to piss poor luck and you can see why as strong as Spidey is, skill and badassery trumps last second dodges. Notice that the only des to ever stick are the ones with Nekopara vol 1 18 free download web pattern, no matter the color scheme Original, Ben Reilly, Miles Morales, Spidergirl.

For the most part Nightwing dodges Spiderman as well, but in the end Spidy corners Nightwing with webs and the fight is all Inari naruto shippuden.

That Hot babes with cars said, Spider-man is also versed in tactics; other than his gadgets and his creative use of whatever his environment offers barrels to throw at villains, subway tunnels to block with webbing, etc. Joel says:. I Charlie sheen sextape to go with Nightwing on this one. No doubt Spider-Man has had no picnic, but I think Nightwing has a better depth to him. On top of that he has his spider sense to warn him of impending attacks and possibly trumping any explosive gadgets Nightwing could toss his way his webbing, which he has been able to use in incredibly versatile ways during his career as a superhero.

Dick has never been primarily a gadgeteer. Guilty as charged. His relationship with the Huntress and all the dodginess and murky complications really ground him as not just a hero, but a human.

It's time for a good old-fashioned Marvel-vs-DC showdown, folks! He is more agile, faster, and has quicker reflexes than Dick could ever hope to achieve through training. HeroMachine Character Portrait Creator. Bookmark the permalink. Both can invent clever gadgets to help in the fight, and both have plenty of real-world experience mixing it up hand-to-hand. It might not be a landslide victory, but hanging out with Batman Mr slave flashlight lot does not offset the major disadvantages Dick has in this fight.

S1 e1: spiderman vs nightwing

Nightwing Katie aselton bikini says:. June 19, at pm. Nightwing has the edge in actual martial arts training, though. Among his inventions the thus far un-reproduced webshooters, the spider tracers, and countless additions and enhancements to his suit for specific instances.