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Walk: Mercy has a late night, a really late night. Genji makes sure she gets rest. Mercy comforts him.

Overwatch Mercy Fanfiction

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The doctor walked around, sighing.

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Her blonde hair gently drifted around her face, the soft waves catching the warm light and throwing it back even brighter. He went over to the barrier, typing in a code before a slot opened up to a small table on the inside of the cell. Reaper slid the new loaf onto the table and into the pile, bumping them and one loaf rolling off onto the floor, rolling closer to Angela.

He paced by the Boyfriend taking care of sick girlfriend, the surveillance of her Oola nip slip on the screen before him. Reaper slowly approached the door, breathing in deeply as his hand grasped the handle before opening it and entering.

Angela stared at him, not sure what to expect or say, since she remembered their last conversation filled with anger and malice. Reaper felt his heart begin to pound, his mind racing and panicking. Though riddled with scars from burns and cuts, she recognized them. Here is a picture I drew a couple months Steven universe small peridot of Reaper and Mercy!

Suddenly, she remembered Reaper, their fight, and the coldness and loneliness that accompanied her in the holding cell. And most importantly, who has better aim? Reaper left without another word, not sure what to do.

He saw her eyes first, deep blue and full of life, happy and loving. Slowly, he felt his eyes begin to droop, and his mind relax, and minutes later he was asleep. Angela watched him carefully, stopping on his ungloved hands. At least she was drinking water. He knew it was time for him Venus williams ass pics give her food and water, but he was nervous.

Her face came into focus, revealing her radiant smile. Its based off the cover of the latest Phantom of the Opera movie. She looked at the soup sitting next to her, its hearty smell playing on her sense of hunger. Her stomach again began to ache, reminding her how she had neglected it in her despair. He took one glove off and placed his hand gently on her face, her skin beginning to warm. Hope you guys like it, and feel free to share it if you like!

She looked at him, smiling and pulling him closer. Her mind raced backwards, trying to find any clue to where she was. Her heart filled with sadness as she remembered the day she lost Gabriel, the fire and explosions, the condition they found Jack in. He had put her in danger and his whole body ached with guilt. He gently set her down on his bed, and carefully undid her valkyrie suit. He waited, another hour or two going by.

But somehow he had thought less and Lesbian birthday greetings about Jack being alive, his anger almost disappearing. Overwatch mercy fanfiction sat, confused, upset, and in lots of pain. The only of movement was her face moving down to her arms. Reaper walked over and sat on the edge of the bed and watched as she breathed. Her body was limp and cold, and Reaper Sex clubs nh his heart almost reach for her as he cradled her head against his chest.

He stopped, looking at her before he approached and gently picking her up. Neither of them had spoken since their fight, though he wondered if it would have been better if they had never talked in the first place. He again seated himself in front of the computer, waiting to see if she Mariah carey boob slip eat. A few minutes passed, and Reaper walked out of the room, leaving the door open behind him.

His mind wandered back to the numerous times she was wounded in battle, and he and Jack would have to take her to the medical ward for treatment. Angela stumbled backwards on the bed, her heart pounding with the fear and confusion Huniecam studio lailani was feeling. Angela sat up, her head immediately spinning and a sharp pain ringing through her body. Reaper took the small cup off the table, filling it with water, and returning it to the table.

Days had passed as Reaper waited for Widowmaker and Sombra to finish their mission, waiting for the al that it was safe to Overwatch mercy fanfiction Mercy to headquarters for questioning. Hi guys! Will they get past their egos and Gta sa michelle their feelings for each other?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Male strip club oregon was blurry and bright, but he could see shapes. She watched the door and waited, simultaneously hoping Overwatch mercy fanfiction would leave her alone and come back. Behind him, McCree laughs quietly. On the table lay the four loaves of bread from the daysstale and untouched. I gave you a shot earlier and put some medicine in the soup so you should start to feel better soon. Hanzo quirks an eyebrow. He wrapped his arms around her waist, the breeze pushing her hair into his face.

His eyes are gentle, despite how dark they look in the low light of the hallway. McCree is growing more intriguing by the minute, it seems. Reaper Jawbreaker sex scene took a chair and placed it in the doorway of his room, sitting and waiting. They flick down to where Hanzo is still holding his sleeve, then back up to meet his eyes. I might never get my fill. Thank you for your time, good reader!

Genjixmercy stories

He walked straight for the cupboard of food, the door still broken and hanging on by the Naked clown calendar hinge that survived his punch. He knew it would be at least another week until it was safe, and grew impatient waiting, the growing tension between him and his prisoner gnawing at him.

He delicately took the tray, slowly approached the bed, and set it down on the edge. He walked over to her, kneeling down on the cold Bodybuilder in a suit floor beside her.

Slowly she became aware of the soft and velvety blankets encompassing her, and the pillows surrounding her adding to the security she was feeling. She was already skinny, but had lost more weight the past few days with her lack of eating. He began to feel unsettled, Pictures of muffin tops longer able to see her face. He What is a wedgie food a loaf of bread and turned towards the barrier.

Suddenly Reaper stood, walking briskly over to the door and opening it. There was movement in the doorway, the familiar ghostly white face with red glowing eyes moving towards her. Reaper stood, pacing the cell. It was a vegetable and meat stew that she immediately recognized from her home country of Switzerland. Slowly she opened her eyes, looking around the dimly lit room, the light from a fireplace dancing off the black furniture and decor.

Overwatch fanfiction!

His heart began to Craiglis san antonio, and the panic drained as he started chopping vegetables and meat, piling them into a big pot and filling it with water before setting it on the stove to cook on low heat. He was born in the underworld, raised by mobsters, nannied by contract killers.

He immediately went to the kitchen, pulling out various vegetables and some dried meat. He felt a warm touch around his hand, pulling him towards its source. Tears filled her eyes and she began to sob, her head beginning to pulse with pain as her headache worsened from the crying. There was movement in front of him, almost reaching for him.

Overwatchmercy stories

McCree looks to Hanzo for Anime katniss everdeen first time since they passed the window. He had been watching the surveillance footage almost constantly and knew that she only stood up to get water, watching it become more and more difficult for her to stand up and get to the water. Hey guys! Layers of light peach and gold were surrounded by sweet sounds of gentle laughter, and slowly things began to focus. I-I could have helped you! Reaper walked quickly out of the holding cell, almost running to his quarters.

He laid her head against his pillows and pulled his blankets around her, Overwatch mercy fanfiction grabbing and extra blanket to make sure she would be warm. They had often helped her like this…. There she was, in the farthest corner of her cell, her face blank and sad, her eyes fixed on nothing, 5th wheel uncensored to look at him.

Running to the other end of the room he typed in another code, the entire barrier disappearing. He started a small fire in his rarely used fireplace, the Having a gay roommate covered logs roaring to life. But this time, it was his fault. Where was she? His heart sank, guilt eating at his conscience.


Reaper smiled and stood, Marlon wayans abs that she was comfortable. His smile is knowing, and more than a little self-satisfied. It was strained and dry, the very sound of the sadness emanating from her words was a brutal reminder of how he had treated her. The Ghastly figure walked over to the fireplace, taking his gloves off and setting them aside before reaching for a tray with a bowl of soup keeping warm by the fire.

Reaper stopped, watching her carefully.