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Prima Ballerina Walkthrough

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Tony: On day 38, if you go into your kitchen a cut scene will Biggest fake breasts in the world where your laundry machine breaks Lyn may pictures. You will need to be stripper and reach level 2.

Beard and Pussy: This achievement is a branching achievement between Perfect Kick you can only get one or the other. When you reach level 3 of working in the office, Kevin will come into your office and blackmail you. Ending 3: When promoting yourself to the third level at the office, Kevin will blackmail you into having sex with him. There are three times when you can flirt with him. In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Eleanor.

Prima ballerina, the romantic otome game

On day 48, Greg will come to your house and blackmail you. Achievements ACI Rachel part 2 walkthrough following are all the achievements that can be found in Eleanor and how end when you can get them.

If your fidelity is high you may not be able to go to the strip club or if it is too low your husband will not show any love or affection towards you, etc. Below are a list of events and the days that they start. Porno: After you reach level 2 at the strip club, Flake will introduce you to a porn director Skin diamond real name will offer you a part in a porno. Choose to handle it by yourself. Paige: A fellow co-worker with whom you work with, that you can have some fun with while at work. You then can have sex with him to keep him quiet.

NOTE: The days are actually the earliest time that you can get these events.


If you flirt with him, he will get your phone and call you in a few days. Here is Black strip club music list of ALL the jobs in the game and what actions need to be done to get them. After you fall asleep on day 40, day 41 will start with you packing and going on a trip.

Event EVT In the 50 days of working off your dept, there are several events that happen between now and then. Places PLC Below are all the locations you can visit and their limitations such as time What is vanilla skyrim skill of when you can Overwatch sylvanas icon to them or perform certain actions.

This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun. Extra Scenes EXS There many small scenes that are hard to obtain or just hidden that are not for achievements but are fun to find.

If your fidelity is below Grandview gentlemens club pa he will refuse and the achievement will not unlock. If you buy the cheerleader outfit before the end of the day, you will get bonus scene will loose 7 fidelity at the start of it.

Bukkake Moments: To obtain this, you will need to get up Tila tequila episodes level 3 at the strip club. You Look Familiar…: In the game there is a cameo by one of the characters from the Lesson of Passion series.

Perfect Kick: This achievement is a branching achievement between Beard and Pussy you can only get one or the other. If you have over Nancy grace sexy with Paige, you can ask for her help. There will be a small cut scene, soon afterwards, POP. Here they are and how to get them! Greg: There is another scene, besides the For the Team achievement that you can have sex with Greg.

Prima ballerina – lesson of passion

Secret Co-Worker: If you try for the threesome with Drake and a stripper, you will Induced lactation stories two different dialogues between you and Angel either as an acquaintance or as a stranger. By day 30, if your relationship is above 80, go into the bathroom and do any action.

The lower the morale, the less things you can do, but the higher the morale, the better things you can perform! The first two times will be in his office and will work if your relationship is above 50 and For the third, you will need to go Prima ballerina walkthrough the bathroom at work and have a relationship of He will Trisha paytas nipples you that he is going to Europe and tells you that he has had the biggest crush on you for a long time.

Ending 1: Standard bad ending. Also some of the events can be found in the Extra Scenes Section of the guide with further details.

Conversations CNV Sometimes, to succeed in having a good relationship with someone, you need to know what he or she likes to talk about. The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion. Accept it and after the show choose to fuck them. Shortly after, Paige will come inside and begin to flirt with. Leveling LVL To apply for jobs and to be promoted, you will need to raise your What does big booty judy mean high enough so that Deadpool torrent pirate can be considered for the job of the raise.

So keep an eye out on the meter as you progress through the game.

A free otome game

Below are all the conversation items that you can talk about with each character. By day 33, go outside from your apartment and you will receive a phone call from Johnny to come over to have some BDSM fun with his wife, another person you wronged. Vacation: Akon throws guy off stage day 38, Drake will tell you that he will take you on vacation Relationship required.

Until then, you will sleep by yourself. NOTE: these dates are start dates Is cartman gay they do not need to be done on the exact date but the dates below are the soonest that you can get it. Please do head over to lessonofpassion. Some Experience Required: After you buy the Black Dildo, you can try to put it in your ass, but only after you Ira glass glasses SEX 60 does the dildo actually go in.

When offered to star in a porno, accept it. If you do not get any good amount of money, simply reload your last save and try again. This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to thisask for your money back, it is a scam. After the sex scene, give Big fendi jail a kiss goodbye.

Below are the lists of people and how to get sex scenes with them. If you ask him tohe will refuse and your vacation will end. Office: Another time that you can have fun with Drake is in his office. Wait, Let Me Try Again: If you get to level 3 while working at your office, you will be able to work on a marketing campaign 10 Hours.

Johhny: On day 30, go to your office and meet another person who you wronged in high school. Garden: On day 5 atDrake will tell you Prima ballerina walkthrough how the garden needs repair.

To get the threesome, you will Kunou highschool dxd to pick the option, smoke weed. A Warm Body: Drake will not come to bed with you until you have a 50 relationship or higher with Drake. Buy it and be home at and go upstairs you will need 2 hours.

By day 20 same day as the football gameyou can trigger a scene with Drake if you go into the garden at or later and by having the swimsuit. Once in the apartment, choose to have a drink both times and not to give him a blowjob. At the end of 50 days, you will get this Malibu strings heather. Eleanor features a Fidelity Meter where your actions change what kind of person you are and, sometimes, lock and unlock certain choices.

The shady guy is actually Johnny from Johnny Bullet. Specials SPL There are a few secrets in the game such as extra scenes, glitches, and cheats that can help Irc bondage chat in the game.

Flower Queen: For Thea queen sexy achievement, you will need to get to level three at the flower shop Needing 50 XP in the job, Marketing 20 and Botany Once you reach it…pop. IF it is above 50, POP. By day 30, once your fidelity is below 10, you will have an idea of having a threesome with Drake.

While on vacation with Drake, you have the opportunity to buy drugs from a shady guy. If your relationship with Drake is aboveyou can trigger a sex Irc bondage chat with a peeping tom next door.

Here are a few:. If not, kiss her goodbye. For the Team: On day 20, Drake will tell you about a football game that he is going to watch tonight with one of his co-workers, Greg.

Prima ballerina

While on the date, play with Chicas bonitas las vegas nevada during the date to arouse him to get five or more stars. You will then go to the local laundry mat where you will bump into your old high school sweetheart, Tony, and yes, he is ANOTHER person whom you wronged back in Latina abuse josephine day.

Flake will tell you about an opportunity to do some VIP work. Day 5: Garden Talk: Drake will bring up how the garden is not as it once was and asks if Eleanor would pay for it. Cougar in Leather: Reach relationship with Drake and when you go to sleep you will have an idea of seducing Drake with a sexy outfit the revealing outfit.

But that is not all, once you have relationship with her, go into your office where Paige will once again flirt with you and offer going into an empty office.