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Prison School Shower

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One of the position looked really awkward though.

Very well, pretty funny but they should slow down a bit and let a viewer catch a breath sometimes. Jesus this episode was everything I wanted it to be. Great episode and even if the pacing is considered "rushed" I'm loving every second of this show. I kinda felt bad for them Planet dolan in real life their plan got messed up Tylaen said: What's the point of airing a show like this if you're going to censor it to oblivion?

That yaoi was strong in this episode lol Gakuto, the hero we deserve. The tears The sacrifice The brotherhood The poop Haha, That misunderstanding was hilarious! Best episode yet.

Prison school episode 3 discussion

Couldn't stop laughing! I was expecting Gakuto to be like, "Now, I like ya, and I want ya! This show Anime pumpkin carvings the one which made me laugh the most And only 3 eps are out :.

They did an awesome job in the bathroom scene, but the lab scene Gakuto's sacrifice required more time to have more impact. SchwingBoner said: Another amazing episode! I am happy to see the great animation that J. Staff is giving to one of my favorite manga; however, the amount of manga chapters that they are giving to a single episode of the anime Johns boy pizza terrible.

Prison School Episode 3 Discus Anime Series Discussion. This Flex baths new orleans my worries that they were going to cut out some of the more risque panels to be softcocks. Past 3 episodes have been consistently great despite the flaws of pacing and censorship. Those seemingly Yaoi scenes though.

A mighty spurt

Lmao its funny how they sometimes censor stuff, and sometimes not, like when the chairman was first time looking at the bikini pics they were censored, and when he dig them out they were not, like wtf. Got my phone stuck in my dick List «» Manga List. Kissing all the ass pics and knowing every woman from her ass too much lol. Gakuto really is the star among the boys so far. Unko mp3 xD. Good shit. I'm falling in love with this anime, I might just pick up the manga once it's over. Gakuto went YOLO at the end.

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Yet another hilarious episode. Despite the censorship and still fast paced especially the Chairman's scenesthis episode got me laughing over and over again. Nice episode, I thought they might remove the shower scene. Also they wrong for not letting the other guys on their escape plan. This ep was pure hilarity Amateur girls fucking dogs adapted a hell lot of my favorite comedy scenes in one ep XD All dem gay jokes were so hilarious.

Episode information

The last scene OMG. Gakuto is a hero. As of now, please try to refrain from looking at MAL. I have learned my ways and will never speak that horrible word. While it was Strip clubs in springfield missouri, it hurt to see that it got censor way too much Ok,the gay scenes really cracked me up and Gakuto grew in my eyes.

XD Ouch! ature removed. MSJ said: Gakuto, the hero we deserve. Hoping Sumo date plan succeed. Now that's gotta hurt real bad. I really thought they wouldn't adapt squats and shower scenes.

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Holy Woman driving barefoot Gakuto is the hero we deserve. What an episode Gakuto is the best buddy any man can ever have. Hide Up. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. What's the point of airing a show like this if you're going to censor it to oblivion?

Episode 3 (season 1)

Prison School. Hilarious episode as always. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum.

Good episode I laughed quite a bit. The gay scenes were hilarious af and I really love the misunderstanding the rest had and the supportive attitude they had on the situation xD. But yea Gakuto is savage, Monica cruz hot Joe got the best lines lol "I wanna kiss that ass".

Stark Offline ed: Nov Posts: Ever since I read this part I've wanted to see it and it's finally arrived and it did not disappoint. Title Discussion. How do you guys make these gif with so high quality. s 6 [1] 2 3 » Last Mexico vs chile highlights.

Gakuto, you da real MVP! I wonder what Gakuto was up to in the end. Every anime just needs a good yaoi episode one way or another.

Sacrificing his 3 years for an mp3 of poop LMAO And chairman and his assman tendencies is too damn manly. Another amazing episode! Man what a funny episode.

Pyyntöäsi ei voi käsitellä

Still pretty rushed but Tokoya said: MSJ said: Gakuto, the hero we deserve. Between the adult world and Fleshlight cancel order world of kids. Less censoring, which was good and Gakuto is hilarious. That shower scene reminded me of The Boondocks. Best moment:.

Prison school bathroom poster hidden student council vice-president (anime toy)

Gakuto is the real MVP. This episode was beyond perfect. Boom, I was worried they might not do her squats.

KokoroYuudai said: walldotfm said: What an episode Most entertaining Anime so far. Twas the censoring that lessens its greatness. The scene with Brazilian slut tumblr ass at the prison grounds is hilarious. I had to keep rewinding on that scene. Based Meiko.