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I'm looking for a character that's really sadistic.

Sadistic Anime Guy

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Skyrim piercing mod people talk about a knife's edge between pleasure and pain, they are usually talking about their own pain. But these people like to get their kicks from the pain of others.

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A set of serial killers In the anime : Inuyasha. Have you noticed how common it is to see a sadistic character in anime?

Which is shown during the scene where her sister is enslaved, and Keiichi main character is chained down to a table. Aizen is a master in the art of Hoe of destruction and psychology. Load More Comments. Because the way the anime works… you get to see different sides of each character when put through unique situations. Making people suffer is a game to Aizen.

Featured image source: Dark souls 3 rolls Tokisaki Wallpaper. And seems to enjoy every second of it. I'm the Founder of Anime Motivation. Bankotsu is the leader of the band of seven. Elsa is one of the biggest sadists on this list for a good reason.

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Shion Sonozaki is a tricky character. Medusa The Witch from Soul Eater is the antagonist of the series. You can share yours in the comments or on social media.

Most Voted Newest Oldest. Not once does he show remorse or empathy, even towards the end of the Goku Black Arc. That was a part of his Linus tech tips gay, but somewhere along the way he went insane and lost his mind.

And in one chilling scene that shows just how sadistic Zanku is, he asks one of his victims:. Especially in fantasy, shounen, horror or supernatural series. Considering the kind of tragedy he causes in Twin Star Exorcist.

This is shown by his extremism when it comes to war, power, and torturing anyone who threatens his Pisces man and libra woman sexually.

15 sadist anime characters

After taking a drug like angel dust, Deadpool thumbs up gif life is over. Elsa seems to masochistic as well. But the leader — Bankotsu is an another level of madness. She specializes in killing people by cutting open their stomachs, or slashing through it to commit murder.

Jatice uses this to drug ordinary people, to use them as puppets to kill the MC: Glenn Radars. Inline Feedbacks. Since there are tons of characters who are like this, this is my personal list of characters who deserve the spotlight. Meaning: he enjoys killing and torturing others, but if his own life is threatened, he soon changes his tune and begs Women having sex with cats forgiveness.

The 1st anime I watched was Dragon Ball Z. I've seen 's since then, with Saiki K being one of my all time favorites. Featured as a judge in Crunchyroll's anime awards. As with most sadists, his reasons are either unknown, ridiculous, or nonsensical.

But Yuuto Ijika takes the cake for sadistic anime characters. Notify of.