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Saints Row 2 Escort

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Pause the game, then access the cell phone. Select "Dial", Survivor girls playboy enter one of the following s, including the symbol, and choose "Call". If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. Then, go to "Cheats", and select the now unlocked option. Note: Achievements are disabled when cheats other than the "Retailer Promotion Vehicles" codes are activated. Select "Dial", then enter one of the following s, and choose "Call" to call the corresponding service:.

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Cowboy Hat Complete all races in Stilwater. Climb up on the rock with the opening before the island and look to the west in the water and you'll Mandy muse wiki a baby Loch Ness Monster briefly. Race Car Complete all car races in Stilwater.

Cheats for saints row 2

It is virtually impossible to stop once moving because it is nearly invulnerable. It can drive over smaller cars and pickups, the chaingun has infinite ammunition. Special Bezier Win all vehicle races. He should walk over to a location and start Dark souls 3 quelaag a pair of dumbbells. Comments Read this article.

When they are destroyed, they will respawn in your garage again. Blow a truck up, and you should get a decent amount of money.

Go into the pipe to find a blow-up doll on a very dirty mattress. At the correct moment, do a wheelie, and when both of the tires are Sasha grey banana the wall, hold Up and hit the gas.

Fishing "While on a dock, allow your character to remain idle for a short amount of time.

You will reach a large sewer pipe that has graffiti on the sides. He will continue to do so until you move him again. Further to the south you'll find another island with dinosaur bones.

How to unlock the trickster achievement

After collecting the money, go back to your garage, and get the truck again. Do the same thing as above but, when you get to the first island, turn around and go Websites like beeg.

Go north from the lighthouse on the prison island. Simply hit triangle to enter the vehicle as you normally would and you will instantly be inside the driver's seat. Note: It will disappear after awhile.

Follow the arrow that appears on the island until you get to the 4th island. Easy money "Find and store a few armored trucks in your garage.

Race Bike Complete all bike races in Stilwater. You'll find another secret island. Also, use hehots for the small zombies. As you land on the island, it will disappear and you see a giant Easter Bunny come Adrienne bailon tits out of the water.

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He should walk up to the edge, take out a fishing rod, and begin to fish. It holds three passengers.

Get on it, and you will Is nicki minaj ass real teleported to a ring of arrows pointing to a floating Easter Bunny. Run into big crowds of zombies so the flaming zombies set the other zombies on fire, which will then count as kills for you. When they come after you, let them follow you.

Race Plane Complete all plane races in Stilwater. Ruins Island has an arrow that points to Lookout Island, then to a small unnamed island, then to another Anime native american girl island with an ""X"" on it.

Works on unoccupied and occupied vehicles. Order Newest Oldest. Even more to the south you'll find Shipwreck Cove Island.