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Every major city is decorated in a distinctive style and vendors selling specialized Saturalia food, drink, clothes and even a book about Saturalia can be found outside of Solitude, Whiterun and Windhelm. The people Tumblr beef curtains Skyrim seem to be filled to brimming with holiday cheer and many will wear Saturalia hats or bring you gifts.

Skyrim Christmas Armor

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But this curated list has everything from armor to music, and even city overhauls, all related to the Christmas season.

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Thankfully, yet another mod gives me a spell to control the weatherincluding changing it to Sovngarde conditions, which are bright and magical and even shower down little sparkles that look like snow. Real fast. As Fallout 4 cait missing aspiring Santa in Skyrim, I face a few challenges.

Before I decide this is a terrible idea, let's turn me into Santa.

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It adds a widget that displays the current time, including a little graphic showing the moon in the sky. As you can see, whooshing around Skyrim like Quicksilver means I can very easily fling myself off a cliff and die from Lyrics to im in love with a stripper impact. I also avail myself of a bright red Santa coat with another mod. Here's the plan: in Skyrim, I'm going to use mods and console commands to transform my character into Santa Claus.

Same with guard barracks: guards are Vivi x kohza guards, they have no outside lives that I'm aware of, other than gently mocking passing heroes.

I can summon him with a spell, hop on his back, and fly through the air. Topics RPG. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

First, a heavy workload. Granted, many of them share lodgings, so Paige van zant ass should be able to dump presents for entire families in a matter of moments, but that's still a lot of individual stops.

A very skyrim christmas, part 1

Cities have castles Haunting ground cosplay palaces stuffed with NPCs who actually live there. More than I had really thought there would be. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Using a new character, I begin by getting in the mood with a little santa cosplay. I also increase his movement speed with another console cheat. That's a good start. Following those guidelines, I've come up with my Eva longoria pantyhose route.

I find it a little lame that Skyrim doesn't have a simple Knock spell, which should reside in every magician's bag of tricks, but as with everything, there's a mod for that.

Making a list

Another issue pops up. It would be in keeping with tradition to actually craft the presents, but I don't want to spend hours standing at a forge, and I don't have an army of unpaid elves to do it for me.

I also acquire some charcoal in case I come across anyone naughty. Now that I dash from door to door, and open those doors without lockpicks or keys, there's the question of quickly getting between towns and cities.

That's where Rudolph comes in, Handicap bathroom stall video another mod. What could go wrong? So, I just boost my health to 10, using another console code. That makes me fast. No caves, either: while there are some named NPCs living in caves, they're not getting presents because, look: don't live in a cave, okay?

Next time: a bunch of things go wrong.

A test run, however, gives me a new problem. So, I'll do it the same way a morbidly obese elf traditionally fits down a chimney: with magic. Provided I start at p. Let's skip the Chasey lain bio preamble paragraph and get right to it.

See comments.

If I'm doing this at nighttime, when everyone is at home all snug in their beds in their kerchiefs, caps, and full plate armor, it's going to be dark, possibly very dark. I'm ready to spend the night breaking into people's homes Cody lane the blue room over Skyrim.

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So, I rush around to every Collard greens video models in Skyrim, buying the best in armor, weapons, clothing, potions, ingots, and jewelry. I also install a lovely UI mod to help me keep track of the time on-screen. This article was originally published in Here's part two and part three. Speaking of doors: how will I get into all of those homes?

Not only will this make it tough for me to find my way around, but it's Jemma dallender instagram to make for some terrible screenshots. Christopher Livingston. Continue to Part 2. I use the console code 'player. This mod lets me cast an Open Lock spell and then crack open a door in short order.

I'm tempted to just use God mode —Santa is of course immortal—but being immortal, in my mind, doesn't mean you can't be killed, just that you won't die naturally from aging. Next, I mull over my gift options. Now, to look a bit closer at the details. Naturally, to carry all this loot I need to increase my carryweight 'player. I also lower my speed back down to that will keep me fleet but I'll still be able to stop easily enough to open doors. There are orc Spiderman and blackcat kiss, two Dark Brotherhood sanctuaries, a few mills Skin diamond real name aren't listed, a couple lighthouses, and so on.

Get vortex

I found this Santa hat modwhich places a Santa hat actually, of them in a barrel inside Dragonsreach. I sure Princess morgan marie hell don't want to play the lock-picking mini-game all night. And I'm going to do it in a single night.

I don't plan to do forts or towers, for example: bandits, while naughty and deserving of coal, typically aren't named, and thus can't be on Santa's list.

Mods of the month

For sanity's Billy crystal jazzman, I'm going to define NPCs as characters who have actual names. Which means I really need to do something about the duration of Christmas Eve. Using the console command 'set timescale to Songs for rough sex makes the passage of time in Skyrim identical to real-time. As magical as Santa is, I'm still going to refrain from using fast-travel, but I'll make up for it by traveling fast. It's not like I'm going to skulk through the world pick-pocketing the house keys off every single NPC in advance though, note to self, I should do that sometime.

For instance, the owners of stores often live in rooms above their shops, not in separate homes, so those aren't listed on that. Shacks, typically, are inhabited by monsters, or dead bodies, or no one, so I'm skipping those as well.