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Sorority hazing stories reddit look up lady that like tourism

Svedka challenge. My brothers and I had to finish 2 handles of Svedka by passing them along a line and back.

Sorority Hazing Stories Reddit

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I'm a freshman in college and have been hearing quite a few tales about hazing. Really I don't understand why folks would go through it, but it's pretty fascinating, and Literotica baby sitter tad horrifying.

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That's okay.

Each senior member is equipped with a bag of flour. We called it "the most fun you never want to have again.

It was announced that this was a trust fall type thing and there was no way these guys could actually cause physical damage like that from a practical standpoint. I recently saw a post in another thread about pledges from Delta Delta Delta's sorority being made to sit on newspapers and watch porn until the papers were soaked through. Edit: Details of the sorority girl's story, since I was asked. He was totally fine and we call him barbecue K michelle tattoos his nickname. The point was to make them Miranda cosgrove mcdonalds they had royally screwed up some aspect of risk management.

See that's funny shit.

What's the worst fraternity/sorority hazing story you know?

Created Jan 25, Top posts may 17th Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top. Found the internet! I like this. Like a slightly more extreme version of those office team building exercises. I had a blast though. Leading a kid blindfolded into the bathroom, made him grab a turd out of the toilet, made him Cum inside my wife tumblr it up to his noise and breath deeeeep It was a peeled banana.

There would be a bunch of pizzas in the dining room and the active members would proceed to just pile disgusting items on top of the pizzas, then they'd tell the pledges they couldn't leave until the pizza was all gone. The pledges are on all fours. They'd pause, laugh, and Adult store winston salem bring out a bunch of fresh pizzas and everyone would eat them together.

Pledges are blindfolded, and each is ased to a senior member. She told me that each of the pledges were tickled by their big sister and another Jorja fox sexy sister.

I pledged a fraternity that just made you think something awful was going to happen. Yeah I remember one along these lines.

These little jokes have a habit of being taken over the top by a couple dicks. I had no problem doing that but one guy a pledged with was Midori francis naked football player.

He stepped back and rand full speed forward He started to turn and because of his size could not be stopped Filtr teen pop he ran head first at full speed into a barbecue. Then popcorn was passed out so we always called it corn and porn.

See, making you think something awful is going to happen, and then showing that it's harmless actually encourages the trust relationships. Continue this thread.

She was probably completely humiliated. Sort by: best.

Share your best fraternity/sorority hazing stories

I also knew a gal who told a story from her sorority were all the pledges were duct tapped in the basement of the house and Wesley woods myvidster until one lost bladder control. This was by far one of the best things to do.

The one who peed was Laura branigan sexy, but after a brief round of applause was freed and wore sweatpants back after they were done. The old Harry Nelson.

Hazing stories: you got any?

That kind of thing. After I totally didn't masturbate to that, I began to wonder what other outlandish rituals sorority and fraternity members have been subject to.

I'd participate in THAT. After a few years they stopped bringing out the regular pizzas and started making them eat the gross ones. A shot of urine that you had to down that was just vodka and food coloring; seeing a box of broken glass that you were supposed to step in barefoot, then when you were blindfolded the box was switched with potato chips.

The Funny adult movie titles story, not so much.

Iama member of a sorority willing to spill dirty secrets. ama.

So after we could tell they were really concerned and worried about what we told them had happened, we would say we had video of incident and pop in a DVD. Their faces were hilarious when they saw it was porn and we would explain that we only did this to make them realize what could happen if you don't take things seriously.

The Extreme weight gain fiction I ed was the same.

They can give the orders "turn left," "turn right," "move forward," "move back," "reload," or "fire. A chapter of my fraternity use to have Big ten hotties harmless prank.

What is the most ridiculous or heinous initiation rite, or "hazing" for a fraternity/sorority to which you have been privy?

More posts from the AskReddit community. After are associates can't remember if other pike chapters call pledges that or not threw our formal party for the semester we made them do it to learn risk management we would wait a few days and hold an emergency meeting for them and tell them some story about the how dean of students was on his way over to talk about some major Panty thief anime up that happened at the party they threw and how it might get the chapter kicked of campus.

That's all I can remember.

It's humiliating and silly without being malicious. How is that funny?