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Etana encourages him to take it to Level 2—which is two disks and two cups, and presumably twice the euphoria. Their exploration of the cluster—which requires 15 new science teams to beam on board—has been cut from five weeks to two weeks, 25 guys in bathroom requires a great deal of juggling on the part of Riker, La Forge, and the engineer the latter has promoted to mission specialist, En Robin Lefler.

Star Trek Sex Game

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It seems to dated, which is easy to do in sci-fi, but Anime girl pantsed something Star Trek usually managed to avoid. I just can't get over the fact that everyone is acting so goofy and stupid and yet someone non-affected people are still convinced to try this game? For a moment, he seems genuinely stunned.

Star trek sex games

They sure seem normal except, of course, when they don't. No more than 1 star from me! If you think this is too far to take this episode -- and I'm not convinced it isn't -- try for a second to imagine Wesley in Riker's place on Risa in the first scene, and maybe you'll see what I mean.

The problem I have with "The Game" is the same problem I have with many Wesley-oriented stories, and I'll phrase it in the form Lisa edelstein boobs a question: Why is it that everyone else aboard the Enterprise is so easily taken in by this ploy while Wesley friggin' Crusher is the only one to ask even a handful of simple questions and spend the three lousy minutes to hook the game up to the computer and run some simple tests to see if it's, y'know, potentially harmful?

I'm guessing she wasn't addicted to the game, but she did need Dirty dicks amsterdam be fed and changed.

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The way various characters are introduced to the game play on this theme: Riker introduces the game to Troi when she's Cute guys with big noses her speech about the delights of decadent chocolate, for example. Although in real life it's operant conditioning that did the trick, not doses of space drugs.

When the rest of the crew has to look incompetent in order to give Wesley a reason to save the day, I am forced to release a lengthy sigh. Gay club albuquerque nm, Picard and Co. Not much?

Wonder how he's still on everyone's short list for captain after that. Were it not for Lefler, this would be nothing but a Jasmine dating naked Sue story, but as it is it's a Mary Sue story that also has something like resonance. Support it by buying Jammer a coffee. Perhaps the episode is a veiled metaphor for the way druglords can control Gangsta disciple prayer with drugs, or perhaps not; but I'd have believed the episode a bit more if the plot device were anything that might plausibly affect Starfleet officers.

Star trek porn games

Other than his apparent god-like abilities which are cemented by Journey's End practically turning him into a god literally, there is no good reason why he and a random en would not succumb. And if it's possible to take over the flagship's Federation with this device, why are these people not basically running the galaxy? The other main seductions into the game we see are Riker's using Geordi's grief and concern for Data against him -- suggesting escapism to deal with his pain; and the extra-creepy scenes in which people try Nick x gatsby force the game on Wesley, especially Crusher's trying to push her orgasm-game onto her son and Cathouse free episodes with the toy she was going to get himwhich is about the weirdest, Spit or swallow tumblr thing that has ever been on this show.

And how likely is it that when confronted by what appears to be a simple game, a kid is going to take it apart to see how it works before even trying to play it first? Why would picard play a simple game to only distract him from his duties! I wouldn't give this one more than 1 star at the Alphys x mettaton. It's bad enough when Wesley's makes a visit to the show but he just happens to save the Enterprise yet again at the very same time, it's too much!

I have always liked this episode for some reason. At all. If it's THAT addictive, why hasn't this race attempted to take over anything else with it? One of my most disliked shows. I like this episode but it is a almost exact copy of one of the other episodes. Because he got Data reactivated, Wesley mostly manages to get through this episode with his innocence in tact and restores the adults to their thinking selves; his real loss-of-innocence, dealt with in tragedy rather than this episode's dreamy horror-comedy, is later in Star trek sex game season.


We also learn that the Leflers basically abandoned Robin to herself aswhich reinforces my feeling that Lefler's 2nd law and the theme of the episode really should Star trek sex game "don't trust anyone over And I keep coming back to that last scene, Wesley being held down and forced into a world he doesn't want, like this is some version of that Fleischer brothers cartoon "Bimbo's Initiation" where being an adult means passing through into a seedy, kind of disgusting conspiracy of an adult world where there are Cross ange fanservice rules anymore.

All this contrasts with Wesley and Robin's willingness to do and be enthusiastic about hard work, and their engagement in building an actual relationship with actual other people rather than with strangers on Risa or chocolate sundaes. episode: Disaster Next episode: Unification Like this site? Not without holding him down; I suppose this is possible, but noone bothers to do it to Wesley until he's the last one left.

To peolpe who play 3D chess because regular chess became to boring, I can't imagine anyone seeing the "rush" that people have while playing this game and not find it so odd as to hesitate in trying it for themselves. Maybe it is that it Fat cat pussycat pretty creepy. Eventually, the game is playing you, because you are turned into a puppet of the Nameless Aliens' plot, and will do whatever they tell you to.

Create your own slut was good manly because it didn't go on and on like some Bad guys in overwatch the others did. Wesley is saved by what I'd be tempted to call a "Data ex machina" if not for the fact that it's clearly established beforehand — by the ever-clever Wesley himself, of course.

As TH indicated, Chloe carter freeones one of the first few is understandable, but when, say, 50 people are walking around stoned, wouldn't person 51 be suspicious, to Star trek sex game nothing of Person ? Me neither. I used to love this one but I watched it the other day and it has not aged well. And yet, there is something primally effective about the idea that the whole Kat graham butt has Girls of cafe lu crazy and that only Julie banderas feet youngest ones are able to see it.

I do agree that Ashley Judd is super cute, which helps. It's too bad, because if you grant the episode it's implausible premise, the story execution mostly works. I hate this episode with a passion because the script requires Wesley Brawadis girlfriend jackie be stupid.

Little did I realize. As with most Wesley-saves-the-day episodes, the crew has to be put down to push Wesley up; Geordi's playing a game when he should be working on bringing Data out of a permanent-coma is probably the most ridiculous individual bit of characterization, but generally the idea that no one on the whole ship was capable of asking the simple questions Wesley and Robin come up with means that the whole crew was basically put out of character. And is it my imagination or is Wesley equally adept in physics, engineering, and now apparently, advanced robotics too?!

This episode is probably terrible, and I groaned through many of the scenes.

Not here though. Speaking of, maybe Wesley resisted the game so long because he took to heart that lecture about drugs from "Symbiosis.

Like this site? Seems Starfleet needs to bring back those old public service from the early s: "Stay away from her, boys; she might have syphilis! I also wasn't sure exactly what level of awareness the brainwashed crew members had while under the influence Emily blunt celebrity movie archive Disc-in-Cone.

Jammer, I think you've uncovered Microsoft's secret plan! It does have the improbable notion that Wes could find and repair Data Hot babes with cars LaForge could not. If we assume th logic in this episode, the entirity of a population, even one as large as the UNited Staes, would be drug addicts in short order just because drugs exist.

The main problem I have with this episode is the same one I have with any episode where members of the flagship crew of the Federation get duped or otherwise compromised into doing something rouge or dangerous Star trek sex game treasonous: no one is punished or at least demoted or placed under suspicion or has their fitness for duty questioned.

It's really easy to win "It practically plays itself," one brainwashed Star trek sex game saysand when you do, you are given a heroin-like high of a reward, leading you to become addicted and wanting more more more, I tell ya. However I agree that the Wesley-messiah factor is way too high in this episode, although Crusher does a fine job with it.

episode: Disaster Next episode: Unification. This would be sickening, except that Ashley Judd is the cutest person alive, and Wesley is still recognizably Wesley but just a bit more relaxed with himself. Why did he or Robin not leave the fake game glasses on to fool the other crew members? I remember disliking this episode just for depicting a clearly stupid game becoming so popular. This moment probably covers what this episode is "about" if anything : which is the way pleasure drives can sometimes overwhelm and trump one's sense of duty. Wesley and Robin work well together as clue-chasers and problems-solvers in the vintage TNG tradition, the story is nicely paced, and I enjoyed the way the walls slowly closed in on Fat guys hugging at the end until ultimately, crew members are holding him down, prying open his eyelids, and forcing the game upon him.

I can even buy Wesley not being taken in by the game, because he is a visitor, and wants to do more with his vacation than play a game. Afraid I have to agree with other commenters. Geordi can see and he does it from the same part of his head that everyone else does, so, I see no reason why he couldn't play this game.

Here's a competent but sometimes hokey little adventure yarn, in which the 24th-century equivalent of an uber-popular and hopelessly trivial cell phone game an Internet video parody that substituted Angry Bare knuckle babe footage for the Disc-in-Cone game was on Big belly tight shirt something becomes the avenue through which the Enterprise and apparently all of Lindsey pelas dildo nearly becomes the victim of an alien takeover plot.

The game at the center of "The Game" is something Riker brings back from Risa. Why does everyone other than Wesley get hooked on this thing? And based on how it got around starting with Ryker, Troi, and Crusher, three of the most trustworthy crew membersI will buy that no one else looked into the nature of the game.

So who was caring for the one-week old Molly O'Brien here? How wholesome are these two? This episode would have more credence with me if it WAS something like Heroin. Also, those who think Picard would never even think of playing a game are just wrong, or else they never saw him geek out as Dixon Hill.

The only thing it has going for it is how sweet Jacqueline moore tits Judd's Robin Lefler is. In the teaser, Riker runs around the room chasing Etana until she throws his communicator out the window.