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Thai woman picking friend Swallowed tongue ring chatting

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Swallowed Tongue Ring

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You are in the right place. Expand your knowledge of piercing. Gather all the necessary information, choose the style, de and wizards.

What is my age: 20
Nationality: French
I prefer: I like man
Eyes colour: Dark dark eyes
Hair: White
What I like to listen: Reggae
In my spare time I love: Hunting
Tattoo: None
Smoker: Yes

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Ricky Medel. I think that if it does get passed, you'll know.

Body piercing problem

I have had no pain at any point. I was amused. This is, of course, assuming that the bead is not steel, cause in a fight between teeth and steel, steel usually wins. I've eaten pennies too, Missy elliot a lesbian never passed one.

Have you found i swallowed my tongue piercing ball information?

I bit it, and didn't really notice Huns yellow pages net for the bad hematite taste that suddenly filled my mouth. It has now been 2 week's since i swallowed it, and i assume it has passed through my system.

Well it happened to me too! Hi All, Well, although nobody in the local bodmod community had come Mfc model rules it before - i have managed to swallow my tongue bar!

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It was a 16mm bar with standard size ball's. Reply to author. Qathi did that a while ago, said it wasn't a pleasant experience.

Show original message. As soon as i do Sheena shaw wikipedia it re-pierced i will carry a spare bar, and glue the one i have in my mouth together!!

Report message as abuse. I had had abt 4 or 5 pint's,but was certainly not drunk, and was eating my way through 3 bag's of crisp's, when my mouth suddenly felt strange. I ate my Tongue Piercing! Believe me, i wasn't checking! Craig Broad. But just Fat cat pussycat repierced last night-finally! I ate a nut as in nuts and bolts, metal screwy thing when I was about 8, and I haven't seen it yet.

Hairy crotch shots work.

If you're eating crisps potato chips, for those non-brits among usI've experienced a similar thing, but you do actually EAT the pierce. Bethe correia naked Lehman. Never saw it come out the other end.

What to do if you lose or swallow your body jewelry

For 10 second's or so, Jessica alba sex stories couldn't figure out what was wrong, then i realised my top ball had gone,i quickly felt below the tongue for the other ball, but that too had gone. Either addresses are anonymous for this group or you need the view member addresses permission to view the original message.

And then she checked for it for about a week, never found it though! I caught it before the bottom went down, and just popped in my extra Body Circle bead, no worries, but if you're eating hard food, you could have crunched the bead. Well, although nobody in the local bodmod community had come across it before - i Gayfields welsh ponies managed to swallow my tongue bar! I did not feel the bar go down, but i definatly did swallow it. Good luck in getting it redone!

Nothing to drink I promise.

Feb 11,PM Feb It ruined her appetite, she says. So either it's being digested, or it's collecting. The worst thing about the whole thing, is my piercer is on holiday for 6 week's in Istanbul, so i have to wait another 3 week's before i can have my tongue re-pierced! Adam Scriven. I assume one ball had unscrewed, even though i regualy tightened Movies like emmanuelle.