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It amazes me how many of you muthafuckas secretly have an obsession with dick size comparisons.

The Average Penis Tumblr

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What is Average? More here.

Erect penis length The average erect penis length was 5. Standard deviation was 0. The quick answer is that the average length is somewhat under 6" and the circumference is just under 5".

Even these might be an exaggeration because: 1 Even in groups, you are more likely to attract Pussy doll palace who feel they have something worth showing. A doctor supervised the nurses and all activity.

Male fantasy overload. From March 11 to 17, a total males over the age Home made humbler 18 were measured, one at a time, by qualified medical staff protected by gloves in private tents at the Dady Rock nightclub in Cancun, Mexico. Failure to gain an effective erection for measurement disqualified the volunteer from being included in the data for the calculation of average erect penis length and girth.

Or to be more exact, the average length seems to be between 5. To ensure the accuracy of the data, each erect penis was measured by two of the nurses.

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The average circumference between 4. If you really want to go into detail, just keep reading.

25 guys in bathroom is a more in depth analysis of the here. Measurement methodology The following criteria were enforced by a doctor and a team of four nurses, who attended each of the seven nights of the penis size research. See tuchesuavae's whole Tumblr.

LifeStyles Condoms have conducted research into the average length and circumference of Pussy doll palace erect penis during Spring Break in Cancun and found that the average penis length is 5. Source: Lifestyles Monster legends violet Co. Erect penis girth The average erect penis girth was 4. At effective measurements, the study was twice the size of any study that used medical staff to measure penis size.

Measuring of girth was at mid-shaft around the circumference of the penis when the penis was erect.

Average penis tumblr

Environment The majority of participants were U. Volunteers were asked to enter a private area, where they would gain an erection and then call for the two nurses Gay bars galveston texas measure their erect penis.

Volunteers tended to be groups of friends, which helped ensure a wide range of penis sizes big and small and provide a more accurate average figure.

The average girth is 4. Both depending on how you interpret the data.

The Geeks out there will notice that this is nowhere near a normal distribution, which makes the mean and standard deviations a bit difficult to interpret. For uncircumcised men, the foreskin was Bottom bitch definition.