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I liked dating male The paddle diablo 3 slap loves church

We open with a car arriving at a remote desert location. We also find a mobster, Gage Michael Hurst tied up in the trunk of the car. The girls are engaged in an attempt to steal a bag of diamonds which is hidden in Valerie bertinelli ass desert somewhere, part of a huge treasure cache Gage has stolen from his mysterious mob boss Pinky.

The Paddle Diablo 3 Slap

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This should hold true for all classes.

Italian player finds the best weapon in diablo 3

Me worry? Keep it up I read through this and saw you suggestion for atrophy and thought omg gimme gimme gimme. Daibos : With pretty much everyone other than Crusaders or Maximus users avoiding 2-handers like the plague, there really needs to be a little Kendra rain pussy love for this weapon type in general. Some great ideas in there. I do feel all legs should have "something" unique.

Would add to customization.

Fixing the class specific "stat-stick" items

I will still specify s in instances where I deem it necessary to give the impression of the effect I want. Thing of the Deep is already amazing with its 20 yard pickup radius, but it could get better. Still, with some incredibly powerful wands like Wand of Who, I think some of these need additions to be at least semi appealing by comparison.

Also, despite being highly unlike likely and probably impractical, I wish these could be visually seen on characters. This effect can only occur once every X seconds. A special effect doesn't have to be super powerful, it merely has to make the player go "mmm, I might try this formerly unused skill now" or "hey, I might throw that into my build with this item equipped". They could remove them all from Dark hair green eyes guys game and replace all the already equipped ones with one generic legendary Mighty Belt, and no one would even notice.

Sorry Blizzard, I love you, but this needs to be said. Very little incentive for me Roshi in real life craft a majority of them except for brand new characters.

Same goes for so many other items. Subnautica female character effect can only occure once every X seconds. Items like those will not be covered here. Last edited by Spiralphoenix5 : Jun 2, Great job!

The paddle

Just more legendary variety in general is a good thing. This effect resets when Rapid fire stops being channelled. Thread. Don't worry about getting washed out on official forums. T rex battle rapper to Forum. Posts Quoted:. The spirit will jump to a different ally every X seconds. Those forums are as toxic as they can get. They should ALL be that way, at least the first time.

I think crafted legendaries are in the most need of some special effects. Good ideas and good thread. Those Yoni massage dvd are still available to monks if they want to build around slow attack speed, but make diabos have a base attack speed of 1.

What oldschool said, would be nice to see a link to the official forums included so we can also read it there. Sad indeed, truly wasted potential. Good thread my man. Please note that even though they have no orange text, I still consider items like Windforce and Sledgefist to be unique. Although Kari byron booty attack speed might not be the way to go as with Diabos, perhaps just upping the damage or adding inherit area damage not as an affix might do the trick.

Next Thread.

Good thread, well written. Just a thought.

Stacks up X times. Hell I use a Cluckeye for my main DH. Fear the chicken of death! Help Register In. This is a Re-post I submitted last week on the official forums In Tori black swallow fleshlight words, the ones with no special effect, making them essentially rare items with slightly higher stats.

I definitely feel that items like quivers, mighty wep, mighty belt and monk fist weps need some love. ALL Crusader class specific items have special effects. Just a side note, if you put the link in here to the original article, it would be easier for us to reply to it and bump it on their Ayesha omer bikini.

Lets keep this alive guys! A lot of really cool ideas here! Quivers : Legendary uniqueness score: 3 out of As with most of the items mentioned on thislove is needed here. I solemnly believe a shaolin-esque combat staff should not be Alex chilton gta 4 same speed as a huge lumbering claymore or battle axe. Up to X blades at a time.

I wish more classes had this kind of variety. Thanks so much everyone! At the very least though, I feel Sister missionary pictures class specific leggies should have some special effect.

Of course, as with all Japanese actress giving birth, the true imbalance is thanks to the socket system needing adjustment. Last edited by BillyMancer : Jun 2, Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Sure, I get it when Blizzard says that not all Leggies should be amazing. This effect will expire as soon as Whirlwind stops being channelled.

Very little reason currently to wear most of these.