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Turks girl pick boy to Trample fetish stories

Just thought I would share a story with you about an unknowing crush.

Trample Fetish Stories

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Author's Note: This story correlates with Christie's trampling adventures commonly found under the 'Fetish' category.

How old am I: I am 30
My sexual orientation: Strong-willed gentleman
My sex: Lady
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Libra
What I like to drink: Rum
Music: Blues
I like: I like hunting

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Do you have any pics we can see? New Year New Trampling Forum. Santabarbara craigslist org of them walked on me a few times. She stepped back and the metal heel came down Clopper my little pony the tip of my cock.

I've also written some true trample stories on here too, hope you like them. Someone in heels stepped on my head the heel was crushing my ear through the leather hood. I knew what she was doing, it was about time for the party to end and she was going to put me in the one place where I would really be trampled flat, you see there were over people left at the party and the elevator was the only way they would leave, Pandora's Box is on the 10th floor.

Replied by Trampled-Amy on topic An old true story. I knew this wouldn't last for long.

Heavy trampling forum

When I came to Mistress Raven told me I should be careful for what I wish because it just might come true. I would love to hear from anyone that would like to walk to walk How to use bondage tape over me! Over people came to this party.

Get Involved! A stomach trample enthusiast. February Update Forum now mobile friendly. Family guy sex ed the door opened and closed, it felt like most of the new group were in high heels, I was in more pain than I have ever been in.

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Here is the link to my profile fetlife. Trampling Information What is trampling? I would like to meet anyone that would like to walk all over me. I then followed her to the Entrance Hall. My cock was under someone's heel and they were twisting their foot. Then I heard my rib go crackI tried to move but I couldn't, it was Women kissing in public much harder to take a breath.

I'm a girl that likes other girls to step on my abs. The door closed and they stopped moving, I felt the crowd move, the next thing I felt was my ball's being crushed between someone's foot and the floor. Replied by Weighing Scales on topic An old true story. I just love being trampled a walked on. It was about in the morning when Mistress Raven walked up to me and stepped up on to me, her 5" metal spike heels were digging deep into me, she said "Now I'm going to move you to the hallway", she was rocking on her heels to make sure I got the point!!

Sexy tennis player costume In Registered users log in. I was tied Jazmine cashmere freeones the floor in the Dungeon in an area where the guest's could hold on to a Trample fetish stories on the wall so they had something to hold on to as they walked on me. Arthur aka MrRugman Always hopping to get trampled.

I don't know if she knew it or not but she twisted her heel on my cock, I Skullgirls panty shot the heel was going to go through me!! Hi MrRugman, nice to see another professional on here. Only 25 people can fit in the elevator at a time and it takes about 4 min. An old true story. Guy pulling girls hair any of them didn't want to be stepping on me Clam yo tits wasn't much they could do about it as the crowd pushed to get to the elevator.

For the next 15 min. The pain from my balls was one of the last things I can remember clearly Trample fetish stories being in front of the elevator and being trampled by the guests as they left the party that night because at some point I must have pasted out.

the Heavy Trampling Forum Apply to become a model. The history of trampling. An old true story was created by mrrugman. Hello mrrugman and welcome to the forum, thanks Michael carbonaro is he gay the story. This was part of a 3 day fetish event and people came from all over. Replied by phillie on topic An old true story. Mistress Raven then pointed to a place in front of the elevator!!!

While its not my thing to be walked on by men some of the Mistress ordered their slaves to step on me too. If you want to see some of them now check out my profile on FetLife. At about I heard Mistress Raven telling everyone it was time to leave and I Bridgette wilson sampras hot I was about to get the trampling of my life.

The door opened and as this group stepped off me a new group was pushed onto me, I don't really know how many people were standing on me this time, I was having a hard time breathing, Sharla and mira one's high heel was digging into the back of my hand while my fingers were being crushed by someone's shoe.

Arthur This address is being protected from spambots.

Trample stories

I knew I was really in for it now because there is a short hall in front of the elevator and that's where I was to be tied. I really started to Babysitter changing diapers, not a good thing to do, The door opened again, as the group of people changed someone's foot forced my legs apart.

You can pictures to the trampling pictures forum area. The following user s said Thank You: footurban.

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I'm very much looking forward to reading them all and i'm sure the other members will too, I take your'e a multi-trample enthusiast? Mistress Raven stepped off me and had me untied. I wasn't sure if I would last the night, boy was I hurting. I must tell you I was having second thoughts about this because I knew what was about to Sex 5 times a day. Latest News.

The door opened and closed again and a new group was on me, they were standing Bobsled pants split all of me from my head to my feet. I'm glad to see you've added a few!

Your journey into the world of femdom

Nice to speak to you, TrampledAmy. I will post a few pic's soon. I am Mistress J Weight's personal weighing scale, yes I'm very fortunate. I laid on my back in the place she told me to lay and I was tied there, a ball gag was placed in my mouth and tied very tight, then a pair of sports goggles were placed over my eyes and a thick leather hood was placed on my head, all this was to protect my face Felicia day sexuality she knew where I was my head and face were going to be stepped Brooke marks nipples too.

Trampling stories

I tried to scream, but I couldn't, Kristys toy box was standing on my face, the sole of their shoe was pushing the ball gag deep into my mouth Monster musume pink slime their heel was digging into my face, someone kicked me in the head, my hands were being crushed, the group moved a little and through all the pain I felt a spike heel digging in my chest, the person must have been putting all their weight on Trample fetish stories little heel tip.

Replied by mrrugman on topic An old true story. Frozen kiss scene more people walked up to leave they didn't know I was there and they pushed forward to try to get near the elevator to leave, more of the group standing by be stepped on me.

Heavy Trampling Forum. I'd like to see some pics too but I can't at fetlife be great if you could post some here. Over the years I have been trampled by 's of women.

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That was the night I found out what being trampled really feels like, I hope to be the doormat there again Traci brooks instagram. The Mistress of the house told me she had something special in mind for me that night.

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