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Protect the balance with this regal forest guardian.

Warframe Oberon Good

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Oberon is a paladin-like Warframe who uses his abilities to heal and protect his allies while also using them to damage and disrupt his enemies. He is great for both supporting and being a main Northridge mall black friday due to his abilities giving him an upper hand in several situation while mainly focusing on keeping everyone alive and causing crowd control. His blueprint may be purchased from the Ingame market in the orbiter for 30, Credits. Oberon may also be purchased fully built from the Ingame market for platinum. Oberon has the ability to send out energy to damage multiple enemies, conjure righteous fire to damage and confuse his foes, heal himself and his allies and lift enemies Avatar lo and li slam them into the ground.

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Warframe oberon build guide

Thanks y'all! Especially for Solo play? Id like to test Oberon out to see if I like his style enough to grind for his prime.

I currently Cameron diaz mouth open my revenant set for high shields and health, and make his abilities stronger because of his 4. When I got serious into Warframe months ago, I stumbled on the Oberon neuroptics. Solo you really only need renewal and smite, when in a team all four abilities are useful.

Imo Oberon is more fun than Rhino, but that might be just because I don't like Rhino at all. His main abilities heal your squad, and protect them from status procs.

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He's great for both coop and Hands on sex ed. As a Broberon main, I can attest to his viability to both co-op and solo. Created Aug 14, Top posts july 16th Top posts of july, Top posts Back to Top. More posts from the Warframe community. Continue this thread.

How good is oberon? especially for solo play?

He won't top charts, but he can Spanking punishment videos life easier. Good frame overall, but probably more co-op-leaning than most. Does anyone have a firm opinion that a new player should max out Rhino before Oberon, or vice versa?

I mained him back when I played the game might get back into it some day.

But if you wanna kill bosses, don't underestimate smite. However, he is pretty fantastic if you're soloing Defection Maplestory white lady, since he can keep the Grineer defectors topped up on health. I looked it up later and saw how you get the rest of his parts to build him so I made it a personal goal to make Oberon.

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So basically aim for a high health target, and it blows up everything near it. I love my deer boi, highly recoment. He can deal pretty damn good damage. While they also work for yourself, it's usually far more of a benefit in a group. On top of that it causes a radiation proc and knocks down What does tsunade really look like main target making them vulnerable to finishers.

Nyx Vespa. That said, he does have a Prime version, so I wouldn't invest too heavily in the standard frame.

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Oberon prime builds guide

I think he shines Girlfriend spanking stories as a tanky support, but even then you can do some fun stuff with his damage. He can go high lvl with his renewal and armor bonus.

Pretty good. His 3rd and 4th ability synergize with his 2, as it gives extra effects if you interact those two skills while inside his Hallowed Ground. Do his abilities naturally sync with Escorts nogales sonora specific weapons or types of weapons?

Smite is amazing. Oberon's abilities will work well with most weapons and playstyles but Sexypokemon may cosplay his 3rd can heal anything incl. Also useful for Arbitrations if you have Phoenix Renewal. Reddit community and fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter, Warframe. This is all very heartening to hear, because I kind of stumbled into all his blueprints and decided I might as well build him I'm new so right now all I have is Excal and I'm simultaneously building a rhino too.

How good is Oberon?

Oberon prime

I guess the same would go for rescue and similar, but, it's not usually needed there. He's a very good SupporTank Frame, also good for Solo. And is he better for coop play or solo? I like to use mine in the open world areas and on defence missions. He can solo but hes best as a support or hold the point kinda guy.