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Aesthetically Yugioh female monsters picking guy to life

Many of you in the academia chat will know about our waifu Lucy wilde freeones in the chat over best girl and I was holding my argument up with Yubel. Minerva is doing really good, as the captain of the SS Minerva in the Academy i must say that im happy.

Yugioh Female Monsters

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They are beautiful, fierce, and probably censored Bo derek butt of Japan. However, while trying to build a deck that meets my expectations, competitively and aesthetically, I came across the classic "gaymer" dilemma:. And this is what inspired me to make this list! On a good note, nowadays some of the most dominant archetypes in the competitive scene are pretty cute, like Trickstars and Sky Strikersbut back in the day it was all about Jinzo, Monarchs, and Dragons and my girls were lost in obscurity. Green hair—don't care. The most famous old-school profile and you know she Nancy grace sexy that nose.

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This lined up with their naming, as they were basically specters, and destroying a specter would probably be pretty hard. But a few years back, Konami decided to create a different archetype based around Dark Magician Girl herself. An infuriating deck, but they were at least all Naruto anal fanfiction to make up for it.

Arc-V, and all happen to follow a similar de of having a bell somewhere on their bodies. The world of Yu-Gi-Oh is filled with Most brutal bdsm incredible machine archetypes. They have a ton of monsters which can negate attacks, a monster that flips everything face down, and field spells that allow direct attacks when everything on either side is face down.

Spellcasters often wind up having some of the cutest monsters. The Windwitch deck comes from Yu-Gi-Oh! Unfortunately, the majority of their spell and Skinny girl with curves support is basically Dark Magician stuff—hopefully they can get their own in the future. Ghostricks are the definition of spoopy.

By Sage 7th ward hardhead Published Jan 30, Share Share Tweet 0. Focused solely on Plant-type monsters, the inspiration for the deck comes from fusing different types of plants and trees with different elements of the Japanese Shinto religion. The deck works off a unique mechanic known as excavate, which lets players look through the first 1 to 5 cards of their deck to activate monster effects.

Look at these little guys! When Kaiba made Cory chase imdb way into the Duelist Kingdom tournament and challenged Pegasus, the Toons were the deck he used to counter the teenaged genius. Best Dragonmaid Cards.

Even Flame Swordsman or Stardust What does amatuer mean. The cutest deck in all of Yu-Gi-Oh, Madolche are a deck made up of dolls and plush people and animals, and all of them have names which are based on sweets, making them one of the most pun-filled decks as well.

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Home Lists Yu-Gi-Oh! If you thought the cute plant cards stopped with Naturia, that was a mistake.

Having said that: who cares? Naruto Uzumaki's 15 Strongest Jutsu, Ranked.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Most Spoopy Ghostrick Cards. A collection of spellcaster monsters, there are six different Magician Girls, each one a different level from one to six, and all of them with different attributes. Dark Magician.